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For more than 40 years, euromic - events & destination management partnership, is a non-commercial association, created to market and promote its members to the meetings, conferences and incentive travel industry on a worldwide basis.

We can unlock the power of your business strategy with solutions supporting successful meetings, incentives, conventions and events in 37 destinations across the globe.

This website provides you with information related to all of our destinations and is a key gathering place to reach directly each of our members.

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August 2014Did You Know?

One of the Ten Golden Rules of euromic is that all euromic members are highly recognized in their own country and enjoy good relationships with peers and suppliers.

« A few years ago one of our clients held an international congress in Riga, Latvia. About 50% of participants were non-European Union citizens and they needed to have visa for entry to our country. That was one of the first years since Latvia joined Schengen and we followed all the requested information and requirements very carefully.

Everything was going well until we got a call from our client's office - one of the key speakers from India, who obviously need visa to enter the country, was cruising on the river Volga in Russia and returned exactly two days before the next flight to Riga to the congress. The only possibility for him to reach a Latvian Embassy was in Moscow on Friday after 11:00a.m., when he came back from the cruise. Taking into consideration all the regulations and terms, it seemed impossible.

That was a challenge for us! We didn't give up and using our good relations and contacts reached the Latvian Embassy in Moscow, explained the situation and it was agreed that the speaker could come on Friday with passport and all the documents. On that Friday at 16:00pm, the Schengen visa was in his passport.

Most all DMCs have encountered last minute impediments that hindered the operation of their group, and resourceful DMCs manage to overcome such calamities. » 

Vlad Koriagin - Baltic Travel Group Ltd.euromic Baltic States

July 2014Did You Know?

One of the Ten Golden Rules of euromic is that all euromic members have the capacity and flexibility to respond promptly and effectively to unforeseeable situations.

« Most all DMCs have encountered last minute impediments that hindered the operation of their group, and resourceful DMCs manage to overcome such calamities.

To this end, here is one such of our experiences:
One of our major clients on a one week cruise charter -  all shore excursions functioned like clockwork, Swiss clockwork . . . till the day of disembarkation . . . . The cruise vessel was scheduled to arrive Piraeus on Saturday at 07:00AM for disembarkation and the 450 guests were to be transferred to the airport for their departures on various flights.

On Saturday 01:00AM the Union of Tourist Bus drivers declared a 48-hour strike effective immediately in a sign to support the taxi drivers’ Union strike that had been on for the past 3 days.
Our bus contractor called me in the middle of the night to announce this news . . .

The bus contractor, our operations manager and I went to the Public Bus depot at 4:00AM and managed to rent 15 public buses to transfer our 450 guests from the port of Piraeus to Athens airport. To make it more “fun” for the guests, we had our hostesses act as ticket collectors on these public buses  . . .  
All guests made their flights with a smile . . . »

Byron Argiri - CONCEPTOURSeuromic Greece

June 2014ICCA City Ranking 2013

With the release of the 2013 Top 20 Rankings for cities, ICCA is reporting another year of continued strength in the international association meetings market.

Vienna, which has been the number one city in the ICCA rankings each year since 2005, has lost its first place position to Paris, which was second last year and previously shared first place with Vienna in 2008. Madrid, fourth in 2012 is now second and Vienna third. Barcelona climbs one place to fourth and Berlin moves from third to fifth place. Singapore remains sixth and London fell from a shared sixth place to seventh. Istanbul climbs one place to eighth and Lisbon and Seoul, both newcomers in the top 10, share ninth place.

The full list of the top 20 cities is below. As you can see, most of the cities are euromic destinations (highlighted in blue). Should your meeting needs take you to one of these destinations, make sure to contact the euromic member there for all your quality DMC needs.


1 Paris                     
2 Madrid                   
3 Vienna                   
4 Barcelona              
5 Berlin                    
6 Singapore                
7 London                  
8 Istanbul                 
9 Lisbon                   
11 Prague                 
12 Amsterdam          
13 Dublin                   
14 Buenos Aires        
15 Brussels               
16 Copenhagen         
17 Budapest             
18 Beijing                 
19 Rome                   
20 Bangkok               




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