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Argentina: Not only Tango and Soccer...

April 2015

One of our favorite destinations in Argentina is Mendoza, Argentina’s main wine-producing region, in the foothills of the Andes mountain range. With its sunny climate, stunning views and extensive vineyards, it has many possibilities for incentive groups.

For the adventurous, there is biking through the vineyards, horse-riding in the mountains, trekking, rafting, zip lining and a host of other alternatives.

Walking in the mountains in the company of friends creates bonds and memories, whilst the majestic views make one realize how small one really is.

Navigating rushing rivers with friends and an expert guide is an incredible experience, one which provides plenty of adrenaline and loads of fun. The challenge is to get through the rapids, revel in the teamwork and responsibility of looking out for each other, and enjoy the contact with nature.

For those who prefer a more relaxed stay, there are visits to wineries or a leisurely city tour. For a really relaxed excursion, try a drive into the countryside in a vintage Citroen 3CV for a picnic. 

However, this is wine country, so what better way to get into the spirit of things than to blend your own wine. Blending is the process of combining different varieties of wines or sparkling wines to create a superior composite. This is the opportunity to become a winemaker for a day, and produce your very own wine or sparkling wine. 

According to the experts “great wines are born in the vineyard” which is why our voyage begins precisely there – in the vineyard.

Your day as an enologist starts when you are driven to the wine estate. Your guide will give you an introduction and history of the winery during the ride and as the day progresses you will become acquainted with the fascinating world of wine and its innermost secrets!  On arrival at the vineyard learn about the most important qualities needed to obtain a good harvest and then observe the characteristics of the vines.  This first part ends with a wine tasting to savor the different grape varieties.

Once the wine is done… a lunch to remember awaits: served outdoors, with the backdrop of the Andes Mountains, savoring the best grilled meat with the winery’s top wines.

No siesta ensues! It’s time for teamwork as the group splits up into teams and, guided by the estate’s wine master, decide on a creative design for their bottle label as well as choosing the best blend of grape varieties. All required resources will be available: glasses, crayons, wine bottles plus all the previous information wrapped in talent and resourcefulness and above all – a great deal of fun! At the end of the activity there will be a prize for the team that produces the best wine, as well as one for the best label design.

A champagne toast highlights the day’s end, served with tasty homemade empanadas!

At ATP DMC we always make sure to research your venues in person (extensively!)


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