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A Journey Through Time in Argentina!

September 2015

An old warehouse complex in the port area, with cunningly illuminated brick walls, huge iron gates and a cobblestoned yard, was the ideal venue for a brief stroll through Argentine history.

From the moment our guests got off their buses to the sound of ship horns, fog horns and the cries of seagulls, the experience ensnared them!  They were greeted by a pair of officious, but hilarious looking Immigration Officers from the 1850s who (with the aid of a piercing whistle) noisily insisted each guest show his or her “passport” (which they received as an invitation)  to be able to enter the gates of the venue. This of course lent itself to many humorous situations and photo opportunities.

Once in the yard (where the cocktail was held) they found themselves surrounded by scenes from the history of Buenos Aires. The whole area was populated by different groups of happy, outgoing characters in different settings, interspersed with the food stations.  It was like a large street party encompassing 100 years of history and tradition in Buenos Aires, starting with the first immigrants of the 1850s and concluding with the elegant lifestyle of the heyday of Argentina, the 1940’s.

1850s Italian and Spanish immigrants, danced, sang and chatted by their mounds of luggage, welcoming the guests as new arrivals.  A little further on, factory workers from the meat packing plants that flourished in the early 1900s relaxed after a day’s work, around a small fire whilst one of the girls served the traditional “mate” and strummed popular songs of the day on their guitar. A 1920’s dandy and his lady love stood by their vintage car, whilst a bandoneon player provided the music for an improvised milonga where couples showed off the dance steps of the 1930s. Folk singers, gauchos and their ladies dancing and courting, a fileteado artist at a small workstation demonstrating this distinctive artistic painting that is associated with tango, salesmen shouting out their wares, elegant ladies in 1940s dress with their beaux, a flower seller, and a kindly matron at her kitchen table who was teaching anyone who wished how to make (and taste) the popular empanadas, filled the square with song, laughter and banter, whilst waiters circulated with drinks and delicious canapés.

Suddenly, a loud ship’s horn sounded, and a little girl on the shoulders of the crowd advanced to the great sliding doors of the main warehouse building.  At her imperative call, the doors slid open, releasing billowing vapor, a wave of ultra-techno music and the view of a futuristic setting. On entering the dining area the guests leave the reception area having walked through time and now are leaving the past behind and are jumping into the Argentina of today looking towards the future.

With blue and silver lighting, futuristic silver trees adorning the tables and the perimeter, and a huge screen showing images of Argentina and of the group’s activities during the previous days, the unveiling had a huge impact.

The governing idea, for this moment of the evening was to give our guests a “taste of Argentina!”    Our country covers a wide territorial expanse and embraces a multitude of diverse ethnic groups, each one with its own music, costumes and culture. This includes some spectacularly beautiful scenery that unfortunately our guests would not get to see in person. Therefore we wanted to give them a fleeting glimpse of all that our country has to offer, both musically, geographically and traditionally.

This mammoth undertaking was achieved with the tempo of a video-clip.  Impressive rhythms mixed with stunning visuals and even more surprising costumes and dancers of all types left our guests with a true taste of our multiethnic Nation in a dynamic and toe tapping version of the song called “Canción con Todos” that means “Song that includes everyone”.  In each verse of the song the rhythms were changed according to the different regional music, accompanied by dancers in ethnic dress, starting with a lone quena (a traditional flute) player from the northern provinces, and whirling through the carnavalito dancers from the north, the chamame from the Iguazu falls area (with accompanying stunning images), carnaval rhythms from the wetlands (with their skimpy feathered costumes), a display of boleadoras in the gaucho malambo, the tango of Buenos Aires, and finishing with a modern hip-hop dynamic version of the song to indicate the future.

After an impressive dinner of juicy steak served by an army of waiters, the final number began.  The soaring notes of Aurora, on one of our most famous and popular anthems dedicated to our national flag, filled the air as the lighting picked out the singer, enveloped in a blue and white dress soaring over the tables with her dress undulating around her.  As the final notes of the song died out, a change in lighting drew attention to acrobats hanging from an overhead crane (part of the structure of the warehouse).  As they contorted and combined, the crane carried them over the heads of the people, whilst on the stage a group of dancers performed an aerial tango, with the girls being swung out over the heads of guests by their partners.  This simultaneous three part aerial show ended with a burst of golden confetti shot from two cannons which marked the entrance of the hosts for the final toast.

We are still getting mails with comments on how much our guests enjoyed the evening and how they felt that it really gave them a Taste of Argentina.


For further details, please contact Argentina Travel Partners (ATP DMC), Mrs Merina Begg at

Buenos Aires

Stop! Where is your passport?

The immigrants

The dandies and their lady loves

Gauchos and bandoneon player

Gauchos and their girls


Matron teaching about empanadas

The setting

Large screen

Gaucho singer


Plumed dancers from wetland carnaval

Malambo dancers with boleadoras


Aurora overhead

Aerial tango