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The ATP DMC team has a proven track record and an international and local reputation for flexible, objective and honest advice, excellent service and a visionary approach to tourism that sets them apart from their peers.

Whatever you need to organize, a business meeting; an incentive; special interest, cruise and leisure programmes, you can be confident that ATP DMC will provide you with the very best in one of the world's most exciting destinations.


An exceptional experience in Argentina...

December 2015

Listening and Team Work are a Winning Combination

November, 2015

Dear Merina, Fernando and ATP team~
I feel after over eighteen months of close collaboration on our two meeting incentive programs in 2015, I should refer to you as the “Carpet One Team”, however the kudos I’ll share go only to your staff of ATP professionals and their outstanding resource management.

After my initial exposure to ATP DMC I knew that I could only choose you and your staff to operate my intricate programs with many personal expectations; not the least being a budget that I’d say had to be micro managed. I found that group of individuals – ATP, who shared my excitement for Buenos Aires and Argentina, with leaders who developed ideas and new resources, and staff, who actually listened to our needs and goals.

The last attribute from the list above was probably the most important: LISTENING. In the entire process I never felt like I was being sold anything from; what commonly happens, “the reveal of the DMC catalog”. In other words- “here was what I could choose from for my program”. My philosophy has always been, what can we do better and differently than my local DMC partner has ever done before? And I finally met my match with ATP

From polo ponies and drones to immigrants and flying amoebas the creativity and enthusiasm for the challenge was evident.

As we started discussing the flow of the program and what I wanted to include we quickly agreed on some initial structural event building blocks and everything took off from there.

What a great feeling to have a complete staff available to access and interact with! It became a project that required detailed coordination of local participants from restaurants and caterers to expert craft providers; facilities and entertainment with production and to a person – we all had one goal – a successful unique guest experience for a week in May – not just once but the same experience duplicated in October; with a maximum number of 600 participants in each group. As you reminded me more than once – this was a tall order BUT never did one person on the ATP team doubt the capabilities of anyone or any partner we had collectively engaged. Perhaps behind your closed doors, but I never had to worry about the integrity of the direction we elected to take.

I have created, managed and executed twenty five years of incentive meetings all over the world and I feel very confident saying that no one has ever met my “every element” expectations better than ATP DMC; whether it was ten months ago in the early stages or ten weeks ago as we closed in on the final group’s arrival.

For me, that is a big statement to make, and it goes with much gratitude for two extremely successful programs we are all, agreeably, very proud of.

The invoices are paid, the photos have been shared – but my memories of the Carpet One ARGENTINE Team, which happens to belong to ATP DMC will be fondly remembered for the professionalism, the kindness and the dedication in our joint efforts creating a grand 30th Anniversary Celebration incentive meeting for my very special clients.

Please share my gratitude as well as my company’s thanks with ALL of the people who helped produce this exciting experience in Buenos Aires. Yes all five hundred of them!
Very Sincerely,

Vickie Wissman
VP Travel
CCA Global Partners


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ATP Celebrating!

Carpet One Team

Evita Flash Mob in the Hilton Lobby

Practicing polo on substitute ponies

Battling all odds to achieve success!

What visit to Argentina is complete without tango

The Polo Day team in ATP fleeces