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Everyone wants to be King!

August 2016

Polo began as a war game more than 2,000 years ago and is one of the oldest team sports in history. It's fast, it's rough, and it's considered to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Argentina has the best polo players and the best horses in the world and the Argentine Triple Crown is considered the most prestigious Trophy in the sport. It all takes place on the largest field in sports, big enough to fit several football fields.

Beyond the glamour surrounding the game (and there is a lot of it), the experience of watching a polo match is exhilarating and unforgettable. Feel the excitement and the power as the game twists and turns in a frenzy of players and a stampede of ponies, just yards away. 

For a recent group of 600 guests, the goal was to create the elegance of the “rich and famous” polo crowd. The invitation was a genuine polo ball printed with the date and time of the event and the insignia of La Aguada Estancia (of the internationally recognized team of the same name), and a woven blanket with gaucho motifs on it.

The day began with an informative talk about the basics of polo. The lessons were accompanied by mid-morning cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. A polo player gave a demonstration of the main polo swings, and participants then tried their hand at stick & ball with “small sticks” and rubber balls on the polo field, before having the chance to swing at the ball whilst standing on hay bales, to simulate the experience of playing on horseback.  After realizing it is not as easy as it looks, and laughing at their own and others’ antics, everyone sat down for a three course lunch with wine pairings in a large white tent festooned with custom linens and flowers.

Desserts and champagne were served by the polo field, where white furniture with umbrellas and floral arrangements were set out, as everyone settled in to watch a genuine world class polo match.  Most being novices to this sport (despite the prior lesson!) some explanation was needed, so an ESPN announcer was hired to call the plays and explain the rules as each chucker unfolded.  This was a unique opportunity to appreciate the skill, speed, and organization required to play this game. Guests also had the option to get more involved in the game, throwing in the ball and ringing the chucker bell – ideal photo opportunities!

At the end of the match, there was the opportunity to meet the players and their horses. A lovely day under blue skies in the Argentine countryside – fit for a king.  A very similar program can be organized for smaller groups.

La Aguada has a long history in the game. Founded in 1959 in Córdoba, by Don Julio “Iaio” Novillo Astrada, who had a passion for polo and breeding polo ponies, he later moved La Aguada to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, so his children and grandchildren could play polo near the city.

Thanks to his efforts and those of his descendants, most of whom play high handicap polo today, La Aguada is one of the world’s best polo clubs, a paradise where polo lives and breathes in a relaxed country atmosphere, between friends, family, horses and rolling green acres. Here is where the Novillo Astrada family trains and takes care of their horses.

To date, La Aguada is the only polo team comprised by four brothers. The Triple Crown, the most important victory in the polo world, rewards the winner of three premier Tournaments in the world: Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo Opens. La Aguada won the Triple Crown in 2003, being the only team of 4 brothers ever to do so.

Today the children of the Triple Crown winners are already competing in national & international tournaments. With them the polo tradition of the Novillo Astrada family remains intact after more than 60 years.


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Sports of Kings

Explanations from an expert

Trying some stick and ball

It is harder than it looks


Seating by the polo field


Throwing in the ball

Match in full swing


An exciting match