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A Taste of Austria...

May 2013

Let’s start in Vienna, the capital, a vibrant and globalised city where people relax in a most unusual place: coffee houses. In 2011 the Viennese Coffee House Culture was included in the Austrian Inventory of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. You can choose from a vast variety of different coffees (never order just a “coffee” in Vienna, no one will understand) ranging from the classic “Melange”, a simple coffee with milk, to the “Einspänner”, an espresso with a big dollop of whipped cream on top. While you enjoy your coffee you can sit in the coffee house as long as you want, read the paper or talk to friends. As the UNESCO homepage says: “The coffee houses are a place where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill.

Once you have spent your afternoon trying different coffees you can head up to Grinzing, notorious for its wine taverns (“Heuriger” meaning this year’s, refers to the wines served), with wine from Vienna’s own vineyards. In the Heurigen you can try the typical Viennese kitchen, like Schnitzel and Knödel, while you listen to some traditional music played live.

Now let’s move west along the Danube into the region “Wachau” (UNESCO Cultural Landscape), a very special cultural landscape known for the excellent viticulture (to be honest, it is excellent no matter where you go in Austria). The beautiful terraced vineyards are home to Austria’s finest wine selection and to some wonderful fruit, such as the WachauerMarillen (apricots). Not too far from the Wachau lies the “Waldviertel” (wood quarter), where the Haider family has been producing the loveliest whiskey since 1995. This may seem odd, recommending whiskey outside of Scotland or Ireland, but in fact the Waldviertel has a very long distilling tradition and all the Haiders did was refine the distilled rye until it became an outstanding whiskey.

Continuing further west, we reach Upper Austria and its 22 breweries. No other state in Austria has this many breweries, but Upper Austria and especially the Mühlviertel (mill quarter) have the best growing conditions for hop (Humuluslupulus), essential for brewing beer. The different breweries range from large companies such as Zipfer to smaller ones like Raschhofer, but all of them have a wide range of different beers. You can try specialities like Zwickelbier, a cloudy type of beer very popular in Austria, or Schwarzbier, which is similar to stout. The breweries usually also offer guided tours and some sort of tasting which includes regional snacks.

Another Austrian delicacy can be found in the Steiermark, the second largest state of Austria, a beautiful region with picturesque, green rolling hills. Very unique and special to this zone is the pumpkin seed oil. It is viscous and its colours range from dark green to dark red, the taste is strongly aromatic and nutty. The oil is traditionally used in salads, pumpkin soup and vanilla ice cream (yes, you heard right) but also served with cheese filled pasta or simply as an appetizer to dip your bread in. The Steiermark is also home to “Vulcano”, a ham manufacturer. They have specialised in hams, which are either cured with salt and air dried or smoked. Each ham has its own special aroma and the air dried hams, usually typical to Spain and Italy, are amongst the most delicate products of Austria. If you crave some sweets after tasting the delicious hams, we recommend visiting the “Zotter” chocolate factory. The factory is renowned for the quality of its chocolates and offers visits to experience first-hand how the organic chocolate is produced. The highlight of the tour is probably the chocolate taps where you can taste all the different chocolate varieties Zotter has to offer.

A very important part of Austrian agriculture is the transhumance practiced in the Alps (most of western Austria, south of Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg). This is the seasonal migration of livestock between valley and high pastures, which has shaped the alpine landscape as it exists in Austria. The livestock bred in these conditions, living out in the open, eating fresh grass produces the finest milk and meat. The region Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg is especially known for its exquisite milk products and aromatic cheeses. One of the most popular dishes there are the “Käsknöpfle”, a type of soft textured egg noodle that is prepared layering the noodles and the aromatic “Bergkäse” (mountain cheese), which are then put into an oven where the cheese can melt, the dish is then served with fried onions and often apple sauce, which despite sounding unusual is a delicious combination.

On the opposite side of Austria, in the Burgenland, which lies in the Pannonian Plain, we find another special type of livestock, the “Moorochse” (bog ox). These oxen are crossbreeds of Aberdeen Angus and Galloway and also grow up in nature eating grass from fresh pastures. Their meat is quite delicious and is also used to produce different types of ham and other products. The Burgenland is also known for its outstanding red wines, it is the region with the most hours of sunshine in Austria, crucial for good red wine.

People all over Austria are very concerned with the quality of their food and how it is prepared, and this is reflected in the exquisite, delicious, regional products found here. Additionally, Austria offers a rich and long history, which is reflected in its cities and culture, and is furthermore an ideal place for hiking, cycling, skiing and many more sports, thus making it a perfect holiday destination with a vast variety of possibilities to arrange your stay.


If you are interested in visiting Austria and enjoying its many facets, contact Blaguss Austria and we will tailor a trip through this beautiful country according to your ideas and needs.

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Viennese Coffee House

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