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Ball Season!

November 2013

What would you answer if someone asks you what Vienna is famous for? No doubt the answer will most likely be for music and waltz!

You can experience both of them unified in a beautiful ambience by visiting Vienna during the Ball Season.

The Viennese ball tradition started more than two centuries ago and today we can count approximately 450 balls taking place in Vienna regularly every year.

The ball season starts in November and goes through March/April of the following year.

Why come for a ball in Vienna? Simply because you will have the opportunity to:

  • get in touch with a unique blend of age-old Austrian traditions
  • experience the old ceremonial dancing waltz
  • see locations and Palais that are usually not open to the public

...and last but not least, every working association has its own ball: florists, pharmacists, coffee-house owners, confectioners and many others. Let us know your client?s professional domain and we will tell you when you can come and dance.

Not to forget the most prestigious balls, including:

  • Le Grand Ball, celebrating New Year?s Eve
  • The Opera Ball
  • The Philharmonic Orchestra Ball

What about the organization of your stay?

Blaguss Destination Management will take care of you from your arrival to your departure providing you with transfers, hotel accommodation, city tour and perhaps a waltz lesson?

No matter if you make this event a highlight of an incentive program or you plan a weekend stay, we will be pleased to assist you.

Le Grand Ball

Le Grand Ball

The Opera Ball

The Philharmoniker Ball