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Salzburg ? Where Mozart?s cradle stood...

June 2006

When you think of Salzburg, certainly the first thing that comes to your mind is the musical genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born here in 1756. But walking in Salzburg?s greatest son?s footsteps is not all the historic city offers to visitors.

What makes Salzburg so appealing is the juxtaposition of its history and its contemporary lifestyle. On the one hand there is the skilful renovated old city (which was placed on UNESCO\'s list of the world\'s cultural and natural heritage on January 1, 1997), and on the other, today?s Salzburg as the modern city and administrative center providing services to a whole region. Over the past years a number of impressive buildings have been erected resulting in international recognition for the city. The many tourists visiting Salzburg nowadays will find here a selection of first class hotels and restaurants meeting the highest international standards.

So let?s start our trip at the historic hotel Goldener Hirsch *****, which is located in the Baroque center of the city only a few steps away from Mozart?s birthplace in Salzburg?s main street, the Getreidegasse. This hotel was first mentioned in a written document as an inn in 1407, thus being a landmark of half a millennium of European cultural heritage. Your welcome will be warm in this temple of local craftsmanship and antiques.
Let?s enjoy an unforgettable walk around Salzburg. In addition to touring the major sights of Salzburg, including Mozart? Birth Place, the imposing Cathedral and Palace where once Prince-Archbishops reigned supreme, we will discover some of the lesser known spots that often escape the attention of the average sightseer and that are associated with the history of this great city, its famous personalities and the vast wealth it obtained from trading in salt or \"white gold\" as it was then called.

Imagine a man who is simultaneously a prince and an archbishop; a man of power with a wealth of gold and salt. His name: Markus Sittikus. His vision: to create such a place that had never previously existed. At his place, -the Renaissance castle Hellbrunn-, we will have lunch. Over the arched portal we read: \"The Divine unifies even opposites.\" Markus Sittikus conceived his pleasure garden, which he had laid out between 1613 and 1616, according to this principle. Light and dark, fire and water, lively and quiet - contrast everywhere. The castle is more than a summer palace with a park and the unique trick fountains ? Hellbrunn is Markus Sittikus



Mozart Birthplace

Hellbrunn Castle

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Social Life