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Vienna from a different angle...

March 2008

Photo rally’s in Vienna offer people the possibility to learn a lot about the city and the characteristics of the population of the Austrian capital as well as to get to know each other a little better as they have to organize themselves in groups.

Equipped with a camera, the groups will start on a “City Safari”. Each group will have a Polaroid camera and a film or digital camera; in order to discover the secrets of the city.
With the help of a special rally Road Book and a city map, the teams have to tackle a series of missions, at which their fantasy and discovery spirit are put to no limits.
The results of their Photo Rally will be given to a “Jury”, - and accordingly to your wishes the best team can be rewarded. We would be pleased to organize a perfect Oscar night for you. Your clients will be the stars – it is without saying that we will provide a presenter, photographers, (fake) media presence, groupies, fans, autograph hunters, and of course a red carpet.  Champaign will definitely not run dry…

City Sightseeing tour with actors´ performance

An exciting tour and, as a surprise, your guests will meet up with various historic witnesses.  A trip through several centuries, where one discovers Vienna as it used to be in those era’s.
The actors will bring the key historic buildings and their inhabitants to life. Vienna’s history can be revealed in a captivating manner putting accents on the scandal gossips or amusing anecdotes.

Anna Sacher in her famous Hotel

A voice you will never forget, and a lady you will never meet again: Anna Sacher, the most impressive general manager of good old Austria. Bad boys even called her the “female general”. It was her idea to create the Hotel Sacher and she was the very first real marketing director of the monarchy.  By means of just a simple, but unique cake she achieved worldwide reputation! The whole world tries at least once in lifetime to be in the Sacher! Maybe you will have coffee with her!

Paparazzo for a day

Is this Niki Lauda? I thought Falco was dead, but isn’t it him drinking coffee at the café over there? Has Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart returned to his house in Vienna??
Go quick now! Get your camera! You can’t expect the celebrities to wait for you and smile voluntarily in front of your objective! Take a snapshot – perhaps it will be the big hit in the newspaper’s evening edition!

In the footsteps of the “Third Man”

The Third Man is the Best British Movie of the Century and one of the greatest classics of all time. Even 50 years after his death in the sewers of Vienna, Orson Welles\' Harry Lime still haunts the city. The scars of the war have long disappeared but surprisingly, most of the locations of Carol Reed\'s 1949 film noir classic have remained unchanged.
On this exciting tour follow us through the cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards of Old Vienna that inspired author Graham Greene, see the places where Harry Lime lived, appeared, disappeared and eventually died, and learn the fascinating story of how one of the all-time greatest movies was made and what Vienna was like in the days of Allied occupation, Cold War espionage and the black market. And of course there is that famous zither music and the tour includes an ID-card for every participant, actors, four in a jeep and vodka…

Erotic Vienna – Images of desire

Get inspired by the erotic pictures of the Austrian photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich. “… I believe that there will always be a new way to see the human body, something unique that you must discover for yourself,” says Bitesnich. “I am always surprised that I find it in the end.” Combine the beauty of the human body (erotic, not pornographic pictures of course) and the splendor of the Austrian capital. In order to round off the program we could have lunch e.g. at the Moulin Rouge.

United Colors of … Vienna

Everybody knows Benetton’s “United Colors” publicity campaign by photographer Oliviero Toscani. Under Toscani’s direction, ads were created that contained striking images unrelated to any actual products being sold by the company. These graphic, billboard sized ads included depictions of a variety of “shocking” subjects such as a bloodied, unwashed newborn baby with umbilical cord still attached, a priest and nun about to engage in a romantic kiss, etc. We also want to show you the different faces of Vienna, may they be “striking” (on an alleviated level in comparison with Toscani´s pictures) or simply funny. Let it be punks in front of the Vienna State Opera, Harley riders taking over a Fiacre…

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Vienna City Hall


Anna Sacher


Third man

Erotic Vienna