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Autumn in Austria...

October 2009

Autumn has arrived. In this time of the year nature shows its full splendor, especially in Austria. Our thick, green forests become fiery red and orange, an astonishing spectacle which surprises us every year.

With autumn the grape harvest arrives. Austria has many different viticulture regions known for their fine wines. Our cellar masters, most of them in charge of small, traditional family businesses, are capable of making quality wines just as good as appellation wines from the famous viticulture regions on this world.

Coming to Austria and visiting winegrowing areas can be an exciting adventure. Between wine tastings you can visit picturesque villages, breathtaking landscapes and even the Opera and concerts. Yes, Vienna is one of those viticulture regions, the vineyards are part of the city.

In the ?Wachau?, a stretch of the Danube Valley between Krems and Melk, a landscape of high visual quality unfolds, part of it are the impressive terraced vineyards on the hillsides of this area which is inscribed in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO.

If we proceed southwards, we get to Styria, which is a beautiful area with rolling hills where fine tasting white wines are produced. The capital, Graz, is worth a visit: the urban complex forming the historic center of the city of Graz is an exceptional example of a harmonious integration of architectural styles from successive periods. Each age is represented by typical buildings, which are often masterpieces. The city center of Graz is also part of the World Heritage List of the UNESCO.

So, what about red wine? Is there any chance of making a good red wine in a country as cold as Austria? Well, yes. Mainly in the sunniest region of Austria: Burgenland. The red wines produced there convince even the most skeptical wine lovers.
But the cold in Austria is not always inconvenient; it is responsible for the production of some of the best sweet wines (late vintages) in the world.

At the end of autumn, Advent season arrives, one of the most beautiful and special times of the year. From November onwards Austrian cities and villages prepare for Christmas. The smell of Christmas biscuits is in the air, still traditionally home-made. Another very special attraction of this season are the Christmas markets, where different kinds of ?Punch? are served, some kind of wassail, a hot beverage made from fruits, spices and alcohol to warm up body and soul.

At this point there?s only one thing left to do, we contemplate the last year, which has been so far one of the most delicate and complicated for all of us. Everyone has to bear the consequences of this worldwide depression. But just as the winegrowers look after their grapevines during the whole year, hoping for a fruitful and quality vintage despite storms and hail, we have to work hard and take care of our business and we have to find new ways to get the ball rolling again.

After all, there?s always a silver lining on the clouds. For everybody, everywhere...

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Graz Main Square



Christmas in Vienna