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Austria – More than just Vienna...

April 2012

When it comes to organizing incentives, companies always look for new destinations to motivate their employees and clients. In the case of Austria, the first city that comes to mind is usually Vienna, and once people have visited it, the rest of Austria falls into oblivion when planning future trips. But Austria is more than just Vienna, and to reinforce this statement, we want to talk about two enjoyable regions of our country that are definitely worth a visit.



Salzburg is without a doubt one of Austria’s most beautiful cities. Its old town has been part of UNESCO's list of the world's cultural and natural heritage sites since 1997. When walking through Salzburg’s old, narrow streets centuries of history and culture become palpable. It is almost as if Mozart, Salzburg’s most famous son, was to appear just around the corner.

Salzburg unifies tradition and modernity, nature and art, setting the peace and tranquillity apart from the daily life with its noisiness and the glamour of the Summer Festival. It is almost impossible to list every single monument of the city, thus we will only name a few, such as the Fortress, the Mirabell Palace, the Venues of the Salzburg Festival, Mozart’s Birthplace, St. Peter’s Monastery and Cemetery, and of course,Hellbrunn Palace. Apart from all that, the region has exceptional scenery, from romantic landscapes and lakes in the Salzkammergut to impressive mountains capes in the alpine National Park Hohe Tauern.

Salzburg offers the highest quality hotels and restaurants. The city has its own airport, although it can be easily reached from Munich. Salzburg is an ideal destination in every season of the year and for all kinds of audiences - for cultural, sportive or adventurous trips.


Innsbruck and Tyrol

One could call Innsbruck the capital city of the Alps. It is situated in a broad valley between beautiful and impressive mountains over 2000m high. By means of the Innsbrucker Nordkette cable railway one can reach 2,300m of altitude in about 20 minutes and enjoy the breath-taking views from the Hafelekarspitze to the city of Innsbruck and the mountains cape of the Karwendel. The historic city center, its narrow streets, the rococo style houses, the Imperial Palace and St. James' Cathedral point out the long and eventful history of Innsbruck. The people of Tyrol are cheerful and open, which is reflected in the city’s ambience.

As for the rest of the Tyrolean region, the possibilities are innumerable. Right outside Innsbruck is the beautiful Ambras Castle and the village of Hall in Tirol and if we travel a little further, we will see picturesque, little villages and beautiful Alpine valleys, old silver mines and even the Crystal Worlds of Swarovski.

Sports enthusiasts should remember that Innsbruck has hosted the Winter Olympics twice. The city as well as the whole region is more than well prepared to accommodate visitors, offering brilliant infrastructures and numerous activities to make the stay even more enjoyable.

But that is not all - there is so much more to discover in Austria. It may be a small country, but there is a vast amount of beautiful cities and villages, thermal springs and ski resorts, as well as very high life standards and security levels.


A trip to any of Austria’s many regions is a sure bet, especially if you put it in the hands of the professionals at Blaguss

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