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News from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania...

March 2013

Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014

Riga is already a venue for cultural events on an international scale and in 2014 it will become the cultural epicenter of Europe. During its year as European Capital of Culture, hundreds of special events will take place showcasing culture in the very broadest sense. This year-long event will usher in a new understanding of culture as a positive force of change in people's lives. This year, cultural personalities are already warming up for Riga as European Capital of Culture 2014 with a variety of interesting events.

In 2014 travelers will have an important additional reason to visit Riga, since the heart of Latvia has been chosen the European Capital of Culture and is going to entertain its guests with innumerable events dedicated to this fact.

Riga has given many pearls to the culture of Europe and the world – the most important include the Old Riga, art nouveau, and wooden architecture.

An elusive value is the multicultural environment that has been characteristic from the very beginning, since people of many various nationalities have lived here together –Latvians, Germans, Russians, Poles, Swedes, Finns and others. This variety through Johann Gottfried Herder and Immanuel Kant has played an important role in development of the German Enlightenment Philosophy, has been the cradle for the cinema genius Sergey Eisenstein, philosopher Isaiah Berlin and an asylum for the opera grand Richard Wagner, and for centuries has been a source of inspiration for a range of other famous European people.

During 2014 everyone will be able to become acquainted with works and contributions of these personalities, and experience modern Latvian music, fine arts, cinema and pop culture, as museums and other depositories will prepare special exhibitions and shows for this event trying to outclass one another in diversity to attract attention of the interested persons.

Guests of the city will be able to enjoy pearls of music performed by the world-renowned Latvian choirs, magnificent opera staging’s, modern art performances, popular music concerts, art exhibitions, Grand National celebrations and many more events which guests can take part in.


Inaugural CONVENE exceeded expectations and will continue to grow

Picturesque Vilnius, in Lithuania, has become the center of the meetings industry as the inaugural meetings, incentive and events tradeshow for the Baltic Sea region, CONVENE took place at Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre (LITEXPO) on the 13th-14th February 2013.

Organized by the Vilnius Convention Bureau, the meetings industry exhibition smashed through all targets and welcomed 120 hosted buyers from 20 countries and 58 exhibitors from six countries in the Baltic Sea region.
The event has attracted the attention of large events agencies such as HelmsBriscoe and corporations such as Shell, Microsoft, Allianzbank and Connect Factory Travel, who have all sent their representatives to the show as hosted buyers.

Organizers are still measuring the success and are already announcing the dates for the 2nd edition of CONVENE which will be held on 12-13 February 2014.

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Tallinn University's New Astra Building Open for Conferences

A fresh option for academic-related conferences came online this autumn with the opening of Tallinn University's 10,500-square meter Astra Building, a major step in the ongoing redevelopment of the campus.

The five-story building houses a 400-seat conference hall, a 200-seat circular auditorium and a number of smaller seminar rooms.

Completion of the Astra building has come as welcome news to conference organizers aiming to hold events in an academic atmosphere. It accommodates the university's institutes of informatics, mathematics and natural sciences, psychology, ecology, political science and governance, and communication, as well as its law school and academic library.

Centrally-located Tallinn University, Estonia's third largest institution of higher education, has recently been gaining popularity as a hosting site for international seminars, conferences and events.


Sailing event "The Tall Ships Races 2013" is back to Riga

After ten years, the sailing event "Tall Ships Races 2013", with its innumerable magnificent tall ships, will visit Riga providing unique visual pleasure for inhabitants and guest.

Over 800 years ago Riga was founded thanks to its favorable location for berthing of tall ships that delivered exotic spices, fine textiles, metal and other goods for further trade. The views over the port and sails for centuries have been integral part of the city panorama – berths along Daugava run deep into the city and were always in full swing – loading and unloading goods, making deals. The effervescent crowd through the pubs and stores filled with seamen and merchants flew into the old city making it live, active and interesting.

The sailing event will bring back these ancient feelings, which is one of its aims. Origin of "The Tall Ships Races" dates back to 1956, when sailing enthusiasts came to a conclusion that tall ships have irreversibly yielded to the modern ships and in honor to the tall ships organized a regatta from England to Portugal with the largest remaining tall ships from the whole world.

Since then the sailing event has visited many European and world ports and one of its main tasks is to train and educate young seamen in sailing, wherewith a strong rule is that half of each crew must be at the age between 15 to 25 years.

For four days inhabitants and guests of Riga will have an opportunity to see the ships, visit them, talk to the crews, and enjoy the magnificent Parade of Sail and other surprises from the ship crews and the city of Riga.

"The Tall Ships Races 2013" will commence in Arhus, Denmark from the 4th to the 7th of July. From Arhus, the fleet will race to Helsinki, Finland and will reach the port on 17th of July.

The Tall Ships will depart Helsinki on 20th of July to cruise in company to Riga, Latvia.

Riga will host the Tall Ships Races fleet from July 25 - 28. On Friday and Saturday the ships will be opened for public. This spectacular event will finish with parade of sail on Sunday, 28th of July when the fleet will leave Riga port to race to Szczecin, Poland.

Szczecin, the final port of call, will host the Tall Ship Races from August 3-6. 


Google Street View Launched in Lithuania

Google has announced the launch of street view for Lithuania, allowing users to view and navigate 360 degree street-level imagery of streets and sites across the country.

In Lithuanian areas where street view is available, you can access street level images by zooming into the lowest level on Google Maps, or by dragging the orange “Pegman” icon on the left-hand side of the map onto a blue highlighted street. This allows users to check out a restaurant or hotels before arriving, to make travel plans and to arrange meeting points. House hunters can save time not only by exploring properties they are interested in but also their surrounding area in advance which will make selection of property they are interested in more efficient.

Says Ulf Spitzer, street view program manager at Google: “Today we are very excited to be launching street view in Lithuania and by this allowing our users to virtually travel across all Baltic States. Street view will open up the beautiful streets and sites of this wonderful country to users around the world. Lithuanian businesses and users can enjoy the many benefits of the service.”

Businesses can also benefit from the street view technology by embedding Google Maps directly into their site for free, helping them to promote a chain of hotels or increase awareness of a local store or restaurant. The tourist, whether he is from Brazil or from Vilnius will instantly be able to check the surroundings of the hotel or guesthouse in Palanga and book it without taking a risk realizing the one is located near a busy night club or a supermarket.

Says Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas: “It is highly symbolic because 690 years ago, approximately the same time as now, the grand duke Gediminas has informed the world about Vilnius. Now almost 7 centuries after that with the help of Google dwellers of all continents will discover the true beauty of the city. I believe that appearance of Vilnius in Google Maps Street View will not only enhance visibility of Vilnius and the whole country but also boost tourism. We would also like to increase amount of places present in maps, thus we hope that Google will shortly come back to our city and will photograph our parks and monuments which have not yet been included."

Says Evalda Siskauskiene, president of the Association of Lithuanian Hotels and Restaurants: “Google is a starting point for almost any journey in the world. Most of us start preparation of our vacation or business trip in a Google search and often continue it using Google Maps and Google Street View. Millions of people around the world do exactly the same thus being visible is extremely important to the members of our association. It is even more important because a lot of tourists are visiting all three Baltic States in one trip starting it in Tallinn and ending in Vilnius, or vice versa. With Estonia and Latvia already present in Street View for almost a year they indeed had certain advantage in comparison to us. We believe that knowing more about our country before they leave home many tourists will stay longer in our country and visit not only the main tourism attraction but will explore our other wonderful cities and attractions."

For more information on street view please visit the Lithuanian street view site:  


The renovated Kadriorg Art Museum is open to the public again

This February the famous Estonian venue - the Kadriorg Palace, with its newly renovated interior, opened its doors to the public with the exhibition Repin - A Russian Master's Life and Work in Finland.

Estonia's most important collection of foreign art – Western European and Russian paintings, sculpture and applied arts from the 16th to 20th centuries – is housed in the Baroque palace. Thus, it is one of Estonia's most outstanding and beloved museums, for both its content and activities. The museum offers an outstanding permanent exhibition, international exhibitions of old art and a full schedule of tours, as well as educational and public programs.

For younger art lovers, modern costumes that also pay tribute to the uniqueness of the Kadriorg Palace have been designed by the fashion designers Marit Ilison, Britt Samoson, Hanna Korsar, Triinu Pungits and Liina Stein, for the "palace ladies", who conduct the educational programs. “The result is five different outfits that highlight historical aesthetics, while maintaining a modern look," said RitiKallas, the manager of the costume project.

The museum's opening exhibition is Repin - A Russian Master's Life and Work in Finland, which was organized through the collaborative efforts of the Ateneum Museum in Helsinki and the Kadriorg Art Museum.

Kadriorgpark around the palace celebrates 295th anniversary this year.

Museum opening times (May-September):

  • Tue, Thu–Sun 10am – 5pm
  • Wed 10am – 8pm
  • Mon Closed


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