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Baltic Travel Group is a Destination Management Company and Professional Conference Organizer in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We provide professionally customized services for meetings, incentives, conferences, events and incoming travel services in the Baltic countries.

Choosing Baltic Travel Group means working with a creative, flexible and reliable partner who can ensure that your exact needs are met. Organizing the perfect event or itinerary is our strength. We look at our events and programs through the eyes of the participants, and we simply love what we do.

Baltic Travel Group is a one stop shop for all your needs, high standards of service and a unique, unforgettable experience!


News from the Baltic States...

October 2015

Autumn in Baltic countries does not mean cold, rainy or muddy. It means unbelievable beautiful nature, fog all over the grain fields, raising sun through dew drops and of course wide range of cultural events in cities!

Baltic Travel Group provides programs to combine business trips and meetings with cultural events that Baltic States can offer.
Contact our offices in Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn and we will be happy to surprise you with fresh ideas.
We believe that the Sky is NOT the limit!


“Brodsky/Baryshnikov” in Riga, October - November

Mikhail Baryshnikov (born in Riga, Latvia in 1948) is a Russian-American ballet dancer who choreographed several iconic pieces which have made him one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century. This beautiful show will be in Riga in October and November 2015.

Mikhail Baryshnikov will perform in a new solo work based on the poems of Joseph Brodsky, created for him by AlvisHermanis, the director of the New Riga Theater in Riga, Latvia. Called “Brodsky/Baryshnikov,” the piece will have its premiere in Riga on Oct. 15. A tour to the United States, as part of an international tour, is planned for 2016. Hermanis and Baryshnikov will take us into an imagined world to viscerally experience Brodsky’s complicated, lyrical and potent wordplay. Spoken in Mr. Brodsky’s mother tongue, Brodsky/BaryShnikov will try, through spoken word and movement, to reproduce the poet’s versatile spiritual world filled with high meaning and true emotions.


28th International Vilnius Jazz Festival, October 15th – 18th

The Vilnius Jazz Festival represents the city's oldest continued jazz event. Scores of famous jazz artists get clubs swinging, rocking and jiving to classic and novel tunes. The festival has earned itself a reputation as the birthplace of avant-garde jazz, in which the limits of this genre are constantly being pushed. As the city is a hub for academic, ethnic, rock and industrial musicians, such creativity comes as no surprise.
Founded in 1987, Vilnius Jazz is the oldest annual jazz festival held in Vilnius. Attracting an audience of around 7000 each year, Vilnius Jazz has played a formative role for several generations of jazz fans. It is an exceptional event in Lithuania, providing a broad perspective on contemporary trends in jazz from all over the world.
The International Vilnius Jazz Festival is renowned for its creative and ambitious programmes featuring some of the biggest names on the international jazz scene alongside the best of Lithuanian talent.

It has also to its credit helped develop local players who have then moved onto performing in other European venues and international jazz groups. Vilnius Jazz is also inextricably linked with the development of a distinctive Vilnius jazz school. Recognised as one of the most important signposts in Eastern Europe, Vilnius Jazz remains devoted to nurturing and promoting the living tradition of improvised music in Lithuania.


Convene in Vilnius, 10th – 11th February 2016

A live meetings industry market place for the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

CONVENE is an annual business to business two day event for the meetings industry for the countries of the Baltic. It is an international show case for the regional meetings industry which accelerates the interest in, and demand for, holding meetings, incentives and conferences in the region.

Launched by Vilnius Convention Bureau the event every year offers a fully hosted buyer program which accommodates 160+ qualified buyers from whole Europe.

Up to 100 exhibitors including convention bureaus, hotels, conference centers, special venues, DMCs, PCOs, specialist suppliers from Lithuania and seven other countries of the region (Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia Finland, Sweden, Denmark) are showcasing their meeting products and services. There are also guest country exhibitors from Ukraine and Belarus. The event is supported by a major professional education program and a series of high quality business networking events.

CONVENE as well offers a number of fam tours to Lithuania and neighboring destinations that wish to host the international buyers attending the event.

With a strong focus on education and knowledge, CONVENE aims to equip the buyer and supplier communities with the tools to create more effective meetings and events.

Baltic Travel Group is proud to be an organising partner in this business to business event.


For more information, please contact Mr. Vlad Koriagin at

Baltic States in the autumn

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Vilnius Jazz Festival