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The Baltics - Full of Surprises...

February 2016

War and Peace: on the set of the BBC's epic Tolstoy adaptation

BBC One premiered a great movie "War and Peace".
"War and Peace" delineates in graphic detail events surrounding the French invasion of Russia, and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Tsarist society, as seen through the eyes of five Russian aristocratic families.

First published in full in 1869 and spanning 15 years, Leo Tolstoy’s novel follows five aristocratic Russian families through the Napoleonic invasion. Simultaneously an intimate love story, weighty philosophical treatise and sweeping tale of war depicting much of Europe, it is a text few have adapted for the small screen (the BBC’s 1972 series starring Anthony Hopkins was the last attempt in Britain). This time, the BBC has partnered with the American film studio the Weinstein Company to suitably cinematic effect. Adapted by Andrew Davies (who has written television screenplays for the likes of Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House), the first of six one-hour episodes is a dizzying blur of breath taking landscapes, lavish palaces and full-scale battle sequences, played out by a stellar cast including Paul Dano, Lily James, Jim Broadbent and Gillian Anderson.
Epic in scale, it is regarded as one of the central works in the world literature.

We are very proud that a part of this movie was taken in one of the greatest castles in Latvia - Rundāles Palace. Latvia’s vast Rundāle Palace provided St Petersburg’s interiors, and Vilnius became a base for almost everything else. In the end, the main street of Vilnius’s Old Town was transformed using wooden facades.
Visit Baltics, because we offer to have a breath taking walk in Tolstoy’s footsteps.


Estonian National Museum to open in Tartu in autumn

New, wide-ranging, high-quality exhibitions are promised at the Estonian National Museum, due to open in the country’s second city and university town Tartu this coming autumn. The building also aims to be an interesting choice for the meetings industry.

The museum will be “a museum of cultures which preserves the story of Estonia’s nation, people and folk and talks about peoples of the world”, it has been revealed.

The new building centres around two permanent exhibitions – a “dynamic Estonian exhibition” telling the story of the Estonian people and people who have lived on Estonian soil and also one about the Finno-Ugric peoples of northern Eurasia. There will also be temporary exhibitions on cultures and art projects from around the world.

In addition, the new building will contain a multifunctional conference centre and cinema halls, a library, training centre, restaurant and cafés.
The first international conference has been confirmed – the 19th Conference and General Assembly of the International Bobbin Lace and Needle Lace Organisation, to take place at the museum in 2020.


Vilnius to Have a New Modern Art Center

Vilnius will have a brand new Modern Art Center by 2019. The design of a modern building by a Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, Studio Libeskind (New York/Milan/Zurich), has been recently announced, and the construction is set to begin in 2017.

The museum will be dedicated to the exploration of works created by Lithuanian artists from 1960 onwards. It will include 1,000 sq. m. of exhibition space dedicated to both permanent and temporary exhibitions. It will also feature a 250 sq. m. multifunctional meeting hall and a 400 sq. m. open rooftop terrace that will also be used for events. The museum will also have a café, bookstore and educational areas where regular education programmes will take place.

Surrounded by a new public piazza located steps away from the historic medieval city, the 3,100 sq. m. Modern Art Center will stand as an expression of Vilnius past and present. The museum building is conceived as a cultural “gateway” connecting the 18th century grid to the medieval walled city. The concept is inspired by the historic gates of the city and references the local architecture both in form and materials.

The Modern Art Center is a non-profit institution founded by philanthropists Viktoras Butkus and Danguole Butkiene in 2009. It seeks to accumulate a representative collection of Lithuanian visual art from 1960 onwards and to make it accessible to the broadest possible audience. Currently, the MAC collection represents 226 artists and contains of more than 4,000 works including paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photography, and videos.


For more information, please contact Mr. Vlad Koriagin at


War and Peace

Runsdale Palace

Estonian National Museum

Vilnius Art Center