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Baltic Travel Group is a Destination Management Company and Professional Conference Organizer in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We provide professionally customized services for meetings, incentives, conferences, events and incoming travel services in the Baltic countries.

Choosing Baltic Travel Group means working with a creative, flexible and reliable partner who can ensure that your exact needs are met. Organizing the perfect event or itinerary is our strength. We look at our events and programs through the eyes of the participants, and we simply love what we do.

Baltic Travel Group is a one stop shop for all your needs, high standards of service and a unique, unforgettable experience!


Centennial and adulthood, all in the Baltics

March 2018

Let is start this dog is year that will be full of celebrations, events, greetings, smiles, fireworks and cakes, but before that - some useful facts and news.

Baltic Travel Group 18th years in tourism

We, the team of #BalticTravelGroup are saying a big thanks to all of our clients and partners for such an amazing year in 2017.
This year has been filled with emotions, feelings and challenges. We work hard, we put all of our hearts in the things we love to do every day, and afterwards we know how to party also. In January 2018 we had annual meeting and adulthood party.
During this event we summarized results of 2017 and in all the Baltic States together our company has served more than 100 thousand clients from 50 countries all over the world. There are 77 tourism specialists at the moment in our team.

We are looking in future to continue our cooperation. One is for sure, we won it stop, because Adulthood is not an age, but a stage of knowledge of self.

Flying restaurant in Lithuania

Baltic Travel Group is proud to present the only flying restaurant in the Baltic States! It is a truly unique synthesis of flight in a hot air balloon and the delightful dishes selected just for you by one of the greatest chefs in the country, Vytautas Samavicius. Fly on the largest and most modern hot air balloon in Lithuania, enjoy a wonderful meal, and we promise an experience that will put you in seventh heaven! To get more information, please contact our team.

Estonia - the ideal destination for an IT event

Renowned as being one of the most advanced digital societies in the world, Estonia espouses an enthusiasm for all things electronic. While Estonians may jest that internet access is a human right, from its beaches to bog land, free WIFI is available almost everywhere and boasts some of the fastest broadband speeds.

In 2007, Estonia became the first country to allow online voting in a general election. Today, Estonians enjoy a wide range of e-solutions every day. Citizens pay for parking spaces with their mobile phones and have their health records stored in the digital cloud. Using a locally-developed electronic ID card, which effectively acts as an online passport, a large proportion of Estonians can perform a range of tasks. From filing an annual tax return to paying for public transport online, Estonia implements a streamlined and modern approach to governance and daily life.

The country is IT industry fosters an atmosphere of shared ideas and information. Forward-thinking, friendly locals are always willing to network and make contact with other industry insiders.

Being such a small nation, Estonia offers the ideal location for collaboration.
Ranking third in Europe for the highest number of start-ups per capita, the country has created an accommodating environment to help ease the entrepreneurial process. Estonia is becoming a world leader in technology, making it the ideal destination for an IT event or conference. To set up a conference there, let us know and we will help!

Contact our offices in Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn, and we will be happy to surprise you with fresh ideas.

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