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Hot News from the Baltic States...

May 2008

News from Latvia:
The Land that Sings

The year 2008 will be significant for Latvia as around 35.000 participants will gather in our capital Riga for the XXIV Song and XIV Dance Celebration. It is not just a festival – the tradition goes back for 135 years and in 2003 together with Lithuanian and Estonian Song and Dance tradition it was recorded in the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The celebration is due to take place from the 5th through the 12th of July 2008, in Mezaparks and Daugava Stadium in Riga.

Every spring all Latvian dance groups and choirs take part in performances involving more than 15.000 dancers and around 13.000 singers, demonstrating to the jury from the compulsory repertoire as well as freely chosen ones. In spring, 2008 dance performances will take place so that the jury can determine which dance groups and choirs are suitably prepared for the Song and Dance Celebration. The cream of the crop will be invited to participate in a final round on May 24th!
They have been preparing for 5 years to be nominated the best and win the participation at the celebration in July. The atmosphere will be similar to that of the 100 meter sprint at the Olympic Games!

In short - what makes the Song and Dance Festival so unique?
A Choir of 13.000 people sings together a varied and difficult repertoire in 8 voices a capella style.  This unique choral singing is combined with 15.000 dancers in an amazing total show, where all participants are dressed up in genuine folk costumes.
The festival takes place every 5 years but in between there are competitions and performances reflecting the dynamic existence of the celebration tradition throughout the country.
This tradition has a deep symbolic meaning as an expression of the national identity.
The element of multiculturalism: alongside Latvians, representatives from 156 different nations live in Latvia (2.3 million people) and nowadays the festival gives them the opportunity to perform their traditions or to melt in the joint activities.

News from Lithuania:
Vilnius chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2009

When the European Union had to choose the first European Capital of Culture from one of the ‘new’ EU member states, it did choose Vilnius as European Capital of Culture for 2009. 
The countdown has started. In preparation to this major event Vilnius is in 2008 already the scene of countless cultural activities. At New Years Eve 2008 the official Cultural Year begins which means that 2009 will be packed with activities...

2009 is a very special year not only in Vilnius, but also in Lithuania, as the state celebrates its millennium anniversary since the first mention of the name Lithuania dates back to the so called Annales Quedlinburgensis, monastic annals from 1009.

News from Estonia:
290th anniversary of the Kadriorg Palace and Park

The 290th anniversary of one of the most beautiful Baroque ensembles in Northern Europe will be celebrated this year. The birth date of the Kadriorg Palace and Park ensemble is considered to be 22nd of June 1718, when the Russian tsar Peter I, along with the Italian architect Niccolo Michetti, determined the site of the summer residence of the tsar’s family and the surrounding artificial park. In honor of the tsar’s wife who later became Empress Catherine I, the beautiful area situated near the town and the sea was named Kadriorg (Catherine’s Valley). During the first two centuries of its history, several Russian emperors and their family members as well as the Governor-General of Estonia visited the palace. In 1921–29, the palace housed the Art Museum of Estonia. Subsequently, the building was used as the residence of Estonia’s Head of State during the 1930s. After World War II, the Art Museum was moved back into the palace. The building was renovated in the 1990s and reopened in 2000 as the Kadriorg Art Museum, which features permanent and temporary exhibitions of 16th –20th century Russian and Western European art.

The Kadriorg Art Museum and the Kadriorg Park will organize events honoring the anniversary. The emotions aroused by Kardiorg among different groups of people – historians, architects, artists and everyone interested in these disciplines, nature and music lovers, children and youth – have been taken into account when putting together the event program.

An exhibition will be opened in the Kadriorg Art Museum on May 23rd, displaying original designs and graphic landscapes of the palace and the park, archaeological finds, portraits of the persons connected with the palace and their personal effects. The exhibition will be open until 11th of January 2009. The exhibition to be opened in the Mikkel Museum on July 22nd concentrates on the future of the Kadriorg Park, introducing its contemporary reconstruction projects and visions for further development. This exhibition will last until December.

Thematic tours will be organized both in the palace and the park from the beginning of June till the end of September and a lot of concerts will be held during that same period. The best Estonian interpreters will perform classical chamber music at the palace concerts, while the concerts in the park will feature pure Baroque music and gentle classical pieces, but also contemporary jazz and pop. In the summer, the popular tradition of picnics will be continued as well as weekly fun activities in the city’s largest and most attractive youth park, which was opened on the 289th anniversary of Kadriorg. An exclusive outdoor-cinema session will take place at the end of August, and the varied schedule of events will culminate in a spectacular fireworks show on September 25th.

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Song & Dance Festival

Song & Dance Festival

Vilnius Cathedral Square

Vilnius Panorama

Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace