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Why visit Lithuania in 2009?

February 2009

Lithuania celebrates the millennium of its name.
In 2009, Lithuania celebrates the millennium of its name ? a symbolic borderline of its prehistory and the starting point of its civilization. No other date in the second half of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century comes close to the importance of this jubilee date for the history of Lithuania.
Lithuania inhabited by people of Baltic descent, was once a powerful empire stretching from Baltic Sea to Black Sea. It is now known for its fascinating history, beautiful nature and friendly, welcoming people.
Lithuania has one of the nicest capitals in Europe - Vilnius, which is still undiscovered by mass tourism.

Looking for special Event venue?
Close to Vilnius, is the fascinating 15th century Trakai Castle, a magnificent monument to the past glory of Lithuania, where a Medieval Feast can be organized. Helpful servants will warmly welcome you at the feast pulsating with the spirit of the Middle Ages ? The thundering sound of gunshots and trumpets will announce the whole world about your arrival.
Discover unique dishes and drinks recreated according to recipes of ancient books, primeval dances and music, clown?s jokes, games and other revelry, brutal knights? fights, fakirs spitting with fire and find yourself back in time in the vivid atmosphere of life in the Lithuanian castles?
If you want to be lords at a medieval feast ? Trakai castle is an ideal venue for it!

For Cultural heritage lovers ? Make & taste Lithuanian national food!
Cepelinai ? Lithuania?s dish ? are not just hearty and delicious, but fun to make. A cooking course with a restaurant?s chef will enable you to make cepelinai yourself, learn fascinating things about the history of Lithuanian cuisine and pick up a few cooking secrets. A dynamic and enjoyable activity with plenty of food, good company and music.

For gambling games fans ? Real Rat Race!
Live a glamorous madcap party of XIX century?s nobility. With a million in your hands amidst the hellish light of neon, the rising tension and dame Fortuna? It worth to try it at least once!
Party guests participate with ?Rat Bank money?in one round game, where they compete for six trained rats in auctions and observe the race in order to win various prizes.

Lithuanian Capital Vilnius - The Cultural Capital of Europe 2009
On the morning of January 1st, Vilnius woke up as European capital of culture. After five years of preparation, and ready for its name millennium, Lithuania is proud that its capital Vilnius will be bearing al along 2009 this prestigious title together with Linz (Austria).


Medieval Feast

Cooking Course

Rat Race

Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

Pagan Ritual