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Winter in the Baltic States...

November 2010

Christmas Tree birthplace: Legends and Truth

The people of Latvia have always loved to tell stories and uphold traditions. Over the centuries, autumn and winter evenings have been a special environment for the creation of new stories. Myths flowed together with memories, and new traditions emerged. One legend, which has to do with the tradition of decorating Christmas trees, began in Riga 500 years ago.

A well-known guild in 1510 Riga was the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, made up of young tradesmen and ship captains. The Blackheads were very active in civic life by supporting various events and donating money to the church and the city.
As the Winter Solstice approached the men of the brotherhood went into the forest to find the biggest fir tree they could. They had planned to set the tree on fire on the banks of the Daugava River in keeping with the age-old tradition of burning a log around the solstice. The brethren found an enormous fir tree. When they got it back to Riga, they decided that it was too big to burn because that would endanger surrounding buildings and people. The men returned to their building for a thorough debate about the matter and the discussion lasted well into the afternoon.
Meanwhile, local children found the tree on the banks of the river and wondered how it had gotten there. They all agreed that it was a very special tree. The kids were so excited that they began to decorate the tree with anything that came to hand. There were nuts and apples. Children unravelled their mittens for the colourful yarn. There were chains and crowns of dried berries and flowers. When it started to get dark out, the children said goodbye to the tree and ran home to get warm and to tell their families about what they’d found.
It was nearly dark when the Blackheads ended their meeting without a decision. One of the tradesmen went down to the river and saw, from a distance, the miraculous transformation of the tree. The decorations left by the children were covered in silvery frost and the fir tree sparkled in the moonlight. The tradesman knew what to do.  He brought his brethren out to see the tree for themselves. They were amazed, and it was decided to install the tree in the city centre and decorate it for Christmas. This will be a Christmas tree.
Well, that’s the story. Christmas trees have lasted to this very day. Outside the House of the Blackheads, there is a memorial plaque commemorating the fact that Riga was the location of the first Christmas tree decoration 500 years ago.
And this is how the story about the first decorated Christmas tree in Riga ends. But it surely marks the beginning of a festive tradition that spans around the globe. The magic can still be found in every house that celebrates the joy of Christmas with a decorated tree – until this very day.

Come and see how, 500 years later, the Christmas miracle still starts in Riga today!

Watch an amazing video about an upcoming event:


Festival of Light "Staro Rīga"

For the third year in a row, Riga will host one of the most splendid autumn and winter evening events  - the Festival of Light,"Staro Rīga"(Beaming Riga), which will be held from November 18 to 21.
As usual, the festival is held during the celebration of Latvia's Independence Day on November 18, when unique lit-up objects will be on display all over Riga. During these days, many places in the city centre and outskirts will be illuminated, creating a marvellous show of lights and various musical and theatrical performances.
The last festival included 56 lit objects in the city. The scale of this year’s festival will be even greater, as 92 applications - a record number - have been submitted for the forthcoming "Staro Rīga." Now, their evaluation and approval is underway.
The "Staro Rīga" festival is a several-day-long exhibition of city installations, which are used to transform the landscape of Riga using modern light and video technologies. The exhibition includes all kind of city structures – buildings, squares, bridges, monuments and others. They can be viewed from close-up, or from afar as part of the whole city. Diverse performances, musical and theatrical shows and interactivity with visitors will help vitalise the objects.

Watch the unforgettable moments from last year's event: 


Christmas markets in Tallinn

This year Tallinn will have two Christmas markets – a traditional Christmas market at the Tallinn Town Hall Square and a renewed Christmas market at the Rotermann Quarter

The Traditional Christmas market is taking place in the heart of Tallinn’s old town – in the Town Hall Square, where it has taken place for the last 9 years. The Town Hall Square Christmas market will be illuminated and decorated with a beautiful little houses and a large Christmas tree.
Santa's house, where children can read poems and whisper their secret wishes, is open everyday. You can also enjoy a cultural program which includes different song and dance ensembles for schools, hobby groups, etc. Shops housed in little Christmas houses will offer items made by Estonian handicraft specialists, Christmas gifts, food and drink.

The market will open on 27 November and close on 9 January.
It will operate every day from 10:00-19:00.

A new Christmas market will take place at the Rotermann Square, behind the central post office and Coca-Cola Plaza cinema. The location of the market is by no means accidental – the Rotermann Quarter, an architectural pearl in the heart of Tallinn, is the perfect setting for the little huts and the Christmas tree that people are already familiar with.
The Rotermann Quarter has received a number of national and international architectural awards and is the best place to organise a Christmas market for Tallinn’s residents and visitors. Here, new architecture and old traditions are juxtaposed, which will result in a fairytale Christmas world.

Good-natured Santa Claus will be there, along with his merry helpers. There will be a jam-packed entertainment programme and a variety of winter and Christmas-themed contests. The Christmas tree decorating competition will be held once again, and, for the first time in Estonia, there will be a singing Christmas tree right in the centre of Tallinn!

Rotermann Square will be adorned with around 40 Christmas huts, offering items made by Estonian handicraft specialists, Christmas gifts, food and drink. There will also be entertainment on the square on weekends.

The market will open on 19 November and close on 9 January.
It will operate every day from 10:00-19:00.


Explode your event by ending it with a new drum party in Lithuania!

Become a participant of a unique percussion drum show in Lithuania.
The phenomenal "drum party" consists of:

  1. All eventual differences are gone during this show - there is no place for age differences.
  2. There is no place for social differences (directors or manager assistants - they all become drummers).
  3. People of different nationalities speak the language of rhythm and nothing else!
  4. The drum party is a strategically perfect form of an event - it is a musical entertainment and involvement.
  5. The place and location doesn’t matter – it can be your conference hall after a day’s meeting or simply a restaurant terrace outside
  6. The programme is created according the all canons - preamble (performance of musicians), proceedings (teaching the audience to play), tension stirring (the audience plays together), culmination (performance of the common orchestra) and the upshot (prize awarded to the best musicians).
  7. It’s an emotional thing – participants free out their emotions when playing.

The drum party is a perfect way to end up your conference day, banquet or any other event. Exploding emotions are absolutely guaranteed! "Drum party" frees us from different restrictions and reveals self-expression in a team. During the performance in a common orchestra, which is a perfect teambuilding activity, participants have a chance to show their own personality and temper. Participants feel absolutely amazed after an energetic show!


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Blackheads House Square

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Christmas Tree

Staro Riga

Staro Riga

Staro Riga

Tallinn Old town Christmas Market

Tallinn Old town Christmas Market

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