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News from the Baltic States...

July 2011

Bigger and Better then Ever – EuroBasket 2011 in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Lithuania, considered to beEurope’s basketball heartland, will once again host a EuroBasket competition on August 31 – September 18. This event will allow you feel the excitement and drama as the strongest national teams from around the continent fight for Europe’s basketball throne.

It has been 72 years since Lithuania hosted the 1939 European Championship in Kaunas, the first and only time so far. This time the event will be bigger than ever as Lithuania will welcome a record-breaking 24 teamsplaying in a total of six Lithuanian cities – Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys, Alytus with the action moving to Vilnius after the first group stage before the medals are handed out in Kaunas.

Incidentally or not, Kaunas was one of the three places where the Lithuanian National Team won the European gold, with the other two triumphs in Riga, Latvia (1937) and Stockholm, Sweden (2003).

In addition, the small Lithuanian nation is proud of three Olympic bronze medals, as well as finishing as runners-up in the European Championship in 1995 and bronze medals in EuroBasket 2007 in Spain.

In preparation for hosting the biggest sporting event in the country’s history, Lithuania built a set of new arenas in order to host the top-level tournament and satisfy the needs of top European athletes. Despite working with a limited budget, the organizers believe that EuroBasket 2011 will be the best-hosted basketball event in Europe.

There are interesting videos related to the EuroBasket 2011 -

Official song of EuroBasket 2011:
Lithuania -The Heart of Basketball:


The 810th anniversary of Riga (Latvia)

This year the 810th anniversary of the capital of Latvia will be celebrated during the Riga City Festival. From August 19 to August 21, the annual Riga Festival will present a wide variety of events in city’s gardens and parks.

Many events will be dedicated for this anniversary, but one of the most interesting will be the World Elite Aerobatic Formula Flights. Participants of ten countries will take part in this event.

The Riga City Festival offers concerts, different competitions, active recreation and good mood throughout. Most activities will take place at Embankment on 11th November – different attractions where everybody can take part, unusual processions and competitions will take place there.  The powerboat race takes place on Daugava and there is no doubt that all spectators will feel the adrenalin.

You will be able to pamper your taste buds on the “Food Street” that will be located at the banks of Daugava. Here, you’ll have the chance to taste many different delicacies that are made in Latvia – the menu every year is unbelievably rich.

Bells of the biggest church towers will unite in a common music and Latvian amateurs will offer their goods – woodcuts, clay pots, woven blankets and also modern art, printed accessories, original jewelry and different tableware.

One of the most memorable events will take place in the evening of August 20, when 7,000 choir singers, dancers and brass bands from all over Latvia will perform in the concert "Master. Song.Legend" at Mezaparks' Grand Stage.The festival's gala concert will be a monumental happening, with the songs performed at the concert uniting choirs and the masters - conductors and composers, in a nod to Latvian Song and Dance Festivals, which have been taking place in Riga since 1873.


Unique activity in Tallinn (Estonia)- Private Horse Race Competition

Around the world the racing sport is mainly meant for betting, but here in Tallinn you can take part in a more emotional and active but also secure way. 

There are only few places in Europe where this kind of unique horse competition for non-professionals could be arranged. For special events the arena, terrace and restaurant room can be reserved for the group.

The competition will be carried out with professional racing horses and trainers. There are used carriages of two sitting places in a way that group members can participate next to the professional trainer.

We provide six horses and they can make a maximum 6-7 races at once, so that 36 people of the group can compete making six teams of six competitors. People receive special dresses, caskets and glasses. All other group members that are not competing can make bets.

In order to promote the brand or company we have a nice place close to the finish line to put flags or banners.


Christopher Summer Festival in Vilnius (Lithuania)

The idea of organising a Vilnius summer music festival was conceived in 1995 after a concert tour abroad by D. Katkus, the artistic director of the then recently established St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra. The concept was very simple - back then, the prevailing belief in Lithuania was that no cultural life could exist during summer in the city - only in the resort towns, and this was a belief that demanded to be refuted! The Maestro had seen many successful examples of an unexpectedly large amount of excellent classical music festivals occurring during summer in Western Europe - often in castles beyond the urban fringe, but in the larger cities as well.

The beginnings of the Vilnius Summer Music Festival (yes, that's exactly what it was called earlier) were rather modest - in the first year, there were only around ten concerts. And the festival itself lasted not for two months, as it does nowadays, but just for three weeks in July.

The Christopher Summer Festival grew and became well-established around four or five years after its conception. Its duration stretched out to last one and a half months, the number of concerts increased, chamber operas started to be staged, and more and more new performers were invited to appear.

Performers from abroad have been appearing at the summer music festival from the very beginning. This year, the Christopher Summer Festival will also feature a sizeable crowd of guests from abroad, with some of the stand-out performers being the global tango community's favourites, the Tangata quintet, which has arranged an impressive programme together with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra; the musical comedy masters the MozArt Group quartet, which not only makes audiences smile but laugh till they cry; the gypsy jazz king Joscho Stephan, who will bring in a merciless tide of amazing passages; the fado guitar phenomenon Ricardo Parreira; the charismatic performer of Kurt Weill's music; ToraAugestad; and many more.

As has come to be expected, the Christopher Summer Festival always seeks out new musical experiences, tries on new forms of expression, transforms, experiments and changes. From an event that once almost exclusively concentrated on academic music, nowadays one can hear a lot of jazz, folk, sung poetry and even pop music.


KGB theatre-cafe-museum in Tallinn (Estonia)

The unique KGB theatre-cafe-museum is the place for fun and laughter!

You just have to come, alone or with friends, and sit on a real Soviet sofa or stool and with eyes wide open watch what the Soviet people created with their genius minds. Just as you think this can't get any better a meal appears - in real Soviet dishes of course - and begs you to eat it. And there will be many moresurprises.

Come and don't be surprised. Or be surprised!

Visa regime: visas cost 20 rubles and includes entrance fee and a complex meal [1 ruble = 1 euro].
We can assure that the KGB-theatre-cafe-museum places non-efficiently first in its category. Maybe because it is the only one!

Come and check it out!
KGB theatre-cafe-museum is located in Old Town of Tallinn, Harju 6, in a medieval city tunnel.


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EuroBasket 2011

EuroBasket 2011

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Christopher Summer Festival

Christopher Summer Festival

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KGB Theatre