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News from the Baltic States...

November 2011

Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011 events

In 2011, Tallinn became a European Capital of Culture. This role gave the city a chance to showcase the best of its creative spirit to the rest of the world. It’s your last chance to visit Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011 events.

Under an EU initiative that started in 1985, Tallinn, along with Turku in Finland, are the focus of the continent's culture scene this year, with a huge number of intriguing events and exhibitions scheduled.

The theme the city has chosen for its Tallinn 2011 programme is 'Stories of the Seashore', highlighting the legends and inspiration that the sea has given to countless generations of Estonians.

Cultural events have been scheduled in Tallinn every day in 2011!

Have a look at the remaining program (November/December 2011):


Festival of light "Staro Riga"

For the fourth year in a row, the festival of light "Staro Riga" (Beaming Riga) will be held in the Latvian capital from November 17 to 20. The "Staro Riga" festival of light is an opportunity for people to see something different from the city they walk through daily, with many light installations set up on various Riga buildings, monuments and other objects.

The festival basically plays with the city’s environment using light. Various objects are set up not only using light installationsbut also special lighting elements of multimedia art as well as sound. Each object is a special performance in a way. The festival is a time when people can walk through Riga at night and admire the beautiful light installations set up all throughout the city. It is also a time when people can appreciate the city’s beautiful architecture from a different perspective.

The aim of the festival is to give something beautiful to city residents and visitors alike, so that people would have the opportunity to come out at night and enjoy themselves when the days become shorter and nights become longer.


Vilnius Public Electric Bike “Rent and Share” Program

Vilnius became the first city in Europe to introduce a public electric bike “rent and share” system. Electric bicycles have been available for renting and sharing by residents or visitors to the capital of Lithuania since August 2011. The bikes, one of a series of initiatives by Vilnius Mayor ArturasZuokas, reinforces Vilnius’ goal of becoming a world leader in making the latest environment friendly transportation technologies widely available.
The new “rent and share” pilot program has been launched as a joint effort between the City of Vilnius and German and Lithuanian bicycle firms. The bikes are called “e-orange” and are detailed with bright orange stripes. They are available for rental at four Tourism Information Centres located in the downtown and OldTown areas of Vilnius.

Baltic Travel Group invites you to take part in the Vilnius introduction tour, which puts an emphasis on having fun: glide through historic Vilnius heritage and unique locations on an electric bike – a two-wheeled, electric, fun vehicle.

The main tourist route begins at one of Vilnius’ major landmarks – the Gates of Down with a holy image of the Virgin Mary. From there you can easily manoeuvre through the twisty and narrow OldTown streets past many famous architectural monuments and the city’s most beautiful churches.


Estonian rural Sauna & Spa

Saunas in Estonia have traditionally held a central role in the life of an individual. Ancient Estonians believed saunas were inhabited by spirits. In folk tradition the sauna was not only the place where one washed, but also was used as the place where brides were ceremoniously washed, where women gave birth and the place the dying made their final bed. The folk tradition related to the Estonian sauna is mostly identical to that surrounding the Finnish sauna. On New Year's Eve a sauna would be held before midnight to cleanse the body and spirit for the upcoming year.

The best way to restore the balance between body and mind is to derive strength from the ancient nature of Estonia, to energize oneself in a smoke sauna like our ancestors and to enjoy the healing power of sauna therapy, bathing and body procedures.

In this magnificent place it is possible to take part in a unique and interesting sauna therapy!
A professional sauna man awaits you in the authentic Estonian smoke sauna and shall arrange an unforgettable whisking session. After that it is time to cool your heated body in cool pond water or in an ice-hole during winter. After cooling off, a honey-salt mask shall be applied during a light massage which leaves the skin feeling pleasantly soft.

The rural spa package includes:

  • Smoke sauna for the whole night
  • Sauna therapy with a whisk man up to up hour
  • Bathing in pond water and in ice-hole during winter
  • Sauna root beer and snacks from the lady of the house
  • Sauna towels


Lunch or dinner in the Christmas Tree

Lunch or dinner inside a Christmas Tree. Do you not believe it’s possible?!

Every year on December 25 the Vilnius TV Tower becomes the tallest Christmas tree not only in Lithuania, but in all of Europe as well. This view makes a very big impression when you see it sparkling far away from the city centre. The TV Tower height is 326 meters. You can enjoy one of the most exiting Vilnius panoramas from the highest building in Lithuania. The restaurant “Milky Way” is at 165m and rotates slowly on its own axis and offers delicious food and sweeping views over the city.


Venetian glass exhibition at "Riga Bourse" art museum

After several years of careful renovation and restoration work, the historical "Riga Bourse" art museum, originally built in the 19th century and constructed in the Venetian "Palazzo" style, opened its doors to the public for the first time this past August. The museum’s collection includes pieces from the former Museum of Foreign Art - however, a large portion of the new museum’s operation will be aimed at hosting various local and foreign art exhibitions.

At the moment an international contemporary art exhibition of Venetian glass called "Glasstress Riga – works from "Berengo" studio" is being displayed at the museum until December 11.The exhibition has been organized as a bridge between Riga and Venice. The exhibition features different artists from various countries, but who have all worked at the famous "Berengo" studio on MuranoIsland in Venice, and all with glass. 

The exhibition concept is built on stress between the ideal world and its representatives in material world.

More information about exhibition and "Riga Bourse" can be viewed here:


Estonian Air(Estonian national airline)

The 2nd Annual SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media honoured Estonian Air as the best airline in the world in driving revenue via social media.

The finals of the SimpliFlying Awards of Excellence took place on Monday evening, 10 October 2011. After 134 nominations Estonian Air passed through to the finals as the only European airline shortlisted together with Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia in the “best use of social media to drive revenue” category. Estonian Air’s reverse auction organised in Facebook during the summer got positive feedback for its innovativeness and for successfully engaging customers.

The International SimplyFlying Awards of Excellence was organised by SimpliFlying, the world’s leading airline brand strategy consulting company.


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