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News from the Baltic States...

February 2012

Recreational and Sightseeing Beer Tour
at the "Švyturys" Brewery in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Forget daily works, and leave all your cares behind!
Do you know why it is famous worldwide?

Let’s go together on the recreational sightseeing Beer Tour where you will learn about brewing traditions and get an opportunity to watch the brewing process. The first part of the tour includes making an acquaintance with the brewing technology. If you are lucky, you may come across the "magic tap" from which you will be able to taste fresh beer coming straight from the brewery! And the second part of the tour is the funniest - tasting of three kinds of beer!

Curious and merry stories and jokes, a glass of cold "Švyturys" beer and, foremost, a company of friends and colleagues is the best formula for a relaxing and memorable time.   


Raft sauna

The raft sauna is the ideal solution for navigating the river with simultaneous experiencing the enjoyment of breath-taking nature and sauna pleasures.

The raft sauna dimensions are 11×4.4 metres and the raft can take on up to 25 people. The wood-heated sauna on the raft is for up to five people. The raft has life jackets and a life buoy.The raft also has plexiglass walls and doors that can be removed and stored in a crate when the weather is nice. The raft has lighting, a canopy for rainy weather, a screen for changing clothes, tables and benches, a barbecue with accessories and a river shower. There is also fishing gear and even sonar to keep an eye on the river bottom relief and fish movements.

In the early spring and late autumn special carpeting and gas radiators are installed on the raft to provide more warmth and thus extend the season until the river becomes covered with ice. You can also take along canoes and then embark on a separate journey in them.


Easter, as celebrated by the ancient Letts

In honour of pre-Christian traditions, local folklore groups will gather to once again welcome the sun and celebrate the spring equinox (March 20-21), or Easter as celebrated by the ancient Letts. These folklore groups will gather at the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, Turaida Castle Park, and in other cities and historical castle parks throughout the country to celebrate the spring equinox, where they will practice ancient customs and rituals, as well as sing traditional songs.

Those celebrating the spring equinox carry out ancient rituals to help the land wake up from its winter sleep and ensure the fertility of the land and bless it.Spring equinox festivities will be celebrated at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum on March 18. The event will feature performances from various folklore groups, during which persons will be able to sing and dance to the first warm sunrays of the year.

According to ancient Latvian belief, during Easter persons must swing as much and as high as possible, so that mosquitoes and other bugs do not bite throughout the year. Also at Easter time, as well as during other important festivals and events that take place throughout the year, persons dress up in regional ethnic costumes in Latvia.


Conferences at heights of 170 meters!

At 326.50 metres, the Vilnius TV Tower is the highest building in Lithuania. It features two meeting rooms, a 35-seat conference room at a height of 170 metres and a 150-seat conference hall with a large outdoor terrace on the ground floor. The meeting rooms are fully equipped with conference equipment. Also you will enjoy lunch at the restaurant 165 metres above ground.


Wilderness Night-Trips in summer

Night safaris are make for a warm and exotic summer night. Things in the dark seem different, all cannot be seen and heard and only some parts can be easily imagined. Night trips are led by experienced local guides. The guided programme includes a two hour walk to a peat-bog and a three hour beaver-watching* trip by canoeing on the river.

*European beavers (Castor fiber) were once widespread in Europe, where they was hunted to near extinction both for fur and for castoreum, a secretion of its scent gland believed to have medicinal properties. Estonia has a healthy population of beavers, in Soomaa National Parks these animals can be seen on the river during night.

Meet: Guided night trips start at 6 p.m. at Karuskose Base Camp in SoomaaNational Park. Transfer for clients who stay in Tallinn, pick up from your hotel at 4 a.m.
What to bring: You should wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
Departure / season: from May through September
Package includes: Transfer to and from the SoomaaNational Park, equipment, guidance in English and meal in wilderness.


Teambuilding – being led astray in the forest

Have you ever gone astray in a dark forest? The nightmare begins when you realize that you don’t know where you are and which way to go. What is more, you start hearing something rustling in the bushes and this makes you scared even more…

The participants are divided into three smaller groups. All the groups are taken to the forest and at a certain place the first group is left alone. Later the other groups are also left in different places. And then the game begins. The groups have to do exciting tasks requiring stamina, cleverness and quick reaction. The main task is to find the way home. This is a great opportunity to improve your teamwork skills and to celebrate something in an unusual way.

We guarantee a huge dose of adrenaline!


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Raft Sauna

Easter Celebration

Vilnius TV Tower

Vilnius TV Tower

Beaver Safari

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