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News from the Baltic States...

July 2012

Unique new venue & museum in Tallinn: The Seaplane Harbour

A new maritime museum, The Seaplane Harbour, opened in Tallinn in May 2012. The museum is comprised of more than a couple of hundred large exhibits in unique seaplane hangars. The Seaplane Harbour is a treasure chest of marine history that details incredible stories from above, below and on the water!
The seaplane hangars are architecturally unique – the first big concrete shells in the world were built as a part of Peter the Great's Naval Fortress in 1916-1917. The brand new museum combines new and old, land and sea, and you are welcome to arrive to the harbour by land or on board your own vessel.
Legends come to life – the Submarine Lembit, the “SuurTõll” steam icebreaker (“Toell the Great”, in English), the Short Type 184 seaplane and other life-sized exhibits are waiting for you.
This exciting exhibition gives you a chance to participate in maritime history as well as allowing you to test yourself and learn more about the sea.
The Harbour offers opportunities for a combined party on land and at sea. The three-level museum is an excellent place to host special evening events and the hangars can easily accommodate several hundred guests.

Video: New maritime museum Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn


Riga City Festival 2012 – 730 years since Riga became a Hanseatic City

The Riga City Festival is the main annual event in Riga and will take place on 17-19 August 2012. It is a kaleidoscope of musical, artistic, theatrical and dance performances, sporting events and attractions. Various events are held in the streets and squares of Riga, on the water and in the air, in museums, concert halls and cultural centres. The three day festival fillsRiga with joy. Numerous concerts, dances, athletic competitions, a channel regatta, as well as fairs, food degustation and spectacular fireworks take place throughout the city.

One of the principal themes which underlies the festival events of 2012 is devoted to the 730th anniversary since Riga joined the Hanseatic League in 1282, stressing the historic role of the Hanseatic League phenomenon in the development of the city, which has been reflected throughout the centuries in Riga’s historic evidence as a city of Hanseatic League.

Some highlights of The Riga City Festival 2012:

  • Closing event “Riga, my white Riga”: Concluding the Riga City Festival, on Sunday, 19 August, at 11th November Embankment (11. novembrakrastmala), the atmosphere will reflect the Middle Ages: the embankment will be swarmed with craftsmen of old trades, knights, medieval city dwellers and guests, alchemists, sorcerers and storytellers. The concert “Riga, my white Riga” will be concluded with brilliant fireworks.
  • Concert of Mumiy Troll (Russia), Run Run Run (USA), and Losers (UK) at “Arēna Rīga”: The attractive rebels Mumiy Troll is the most known contemporary Russian rock band. At the concert during the Riga City Festival, fans will be able to listen to the newest songs of all three groups, as well as to sing along with their favourite hits by Mumiy Troll that were recorded several years ago. Of course, there will also be various musical surprises.
  • Hansa market at Old Riga with the participation of the Hanseatic League cities of Latvia and other commonwealth cities, local craftsmen, and producers and the medieval market at the heart of Old Riga.
  • “A 100 years ago on Alberta Street in the style of an art nouveau water lily”: Alberta Street is the most beautiful art nouveau centre of Riga. Rigans and guests are invited to celebrate in the style of art nouveau and to enjoy the elegant charm of the historic art nouveau by watching live pictures reflecting the era.
  • International reunion of antique motor vehicles “Riga Retro 2012”. A parade and exhibition: There will be approximately a hundred participants with antique motor vehicles from various European cities taking part in “Riga Retro 2012”. Visitors to the reunion will be able to view the passenger retro cars, as well as many specialised and military vehicles.
  • Street music day: The street music day is a special event organised once a year. On this day, anyone who wants to express themselves through music is invited to come out on the streets and play, sing, surprise others, and fill Riga with rhythm, voices, and sounds.
  • Blacksmiths’ day at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia: Visitors will have the opportunity to not only watch blacksmiths at work but also take active part in the process. Whoever is brave enough will be able to use his/her creativity and, with the blacksmith’s help, try forging.
  • 100th anniversary of Riga Zoo – Stripy Days: The visitors will be able to visit animals that have stripy coats and find out how the stripes help them survive. Those interested will have the opportunity to learn about the meaning of the colours, patterns, and shapes in the animal world from the zoo’s employees and participate in workshops. During the Stripy Days, visitors will also be able to watch animal feeding demonstrations.
  • Riga’s stories of centuries: facts, legends, music, and dance at the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation: The early music and dance ensembles will not only be performing but will also be showing and teaching dance moves that were danced by Rigans several centuries ago. Visitors will be able to “travel” throughout Riga’s centuries by visiting the museum, Riga Cathedral, and Riga Cathedral Cross Gallery.


First Kempinski Hotel in Baltic States open its door in Vilnius, Lithuania

Opening in September 2012 the beautifully renovated Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square Vilnius marks a debut of the Kempinski luxury brand in the Baltic countries. Built more than 100 years ago and operated as “Hotel New York”, this listed building has since been renovated and restored to the very highest of standards. The hotel features 96 rooms including 13 elegant suites, a restaurant and bar, lobby lounge, over 600 sq.m. of state-of-the-art conference and meeting space, a fully appointed spa, health club and indoor swimming pool. Located in the OldTown with breathtaking views over the Cathedral Square, designer boutiques and galleries at its doorsteps, the hotel offers unsurpassed history, luxury and elegance in the heart of Vilnius.


Vilnius City Fiesta

The international festival Vilnius City Fiesta is one of the most important multi-art form events in Vilnius; it's the main and most spectacular festival of Vilnius with high artistic level actions dedicated to all citizens and city guests.

The Vilnius City Fiestahas taken place annually since 1993 in the biggest open-air spaces of Vilnius, the Cathedral Square (capacity up to 10.000 people), the Town Hall Square and VingisPark (capacity up to 20.000 people).

The Vilnius City Fiesta events draw numerous audiences, as they are open and free. Every year more than 250.000 people visit the events of the Vilnius City Fiesta where they can experience a wide range of high-level entertainment from jazz, pop, rock and world music to classical music and opera, films, street theatre, fashion shows and carnivals.


Kau Manor: Exclusive hotel & venue in Estonia's countryside

The world-famous explorer and seafarer Otto von Kotzebue (1787-1846) lived in Kau Manor. Last winter the main building (mansion) was renovated, keeping in mind its original aura. KauMansion has an eclectic architecture, showcasing different architectural styles from medieval cellars to classicism.
The medieval vault will be turned into the wine cellar. On the ground floor there is a light and airy restaurant with three halls and two summer terraces, a grand entry hall with a fireplace, a ball room, a hunting room, a wood panelled gallery and a cigar room. On the second and third floor there are 11 cosy guestrooms with different interiors and a library with a Baltic German theme.
The largest multifunctional facility in the manor complex is the concert hall (200 pax theatre style). 
Kau Manor is an elegant setting for corporate events, receptions, balls, gala dinners, cocktail parties, garden parties and romantic wedding ceremonies.


Latvia wants your "Like" on "Facebook"

Latvia has joined the social networking site "Facebook" with an official page, joining the already 800 million "Facebook" users.

Latvia is one of the first countries to have an official "Facebook" page with the goal of attracting 100,000 followers by the end of the year, thus promoting the country throughout the world. 
The Latvian Institute’s official "Facebook" page can be found on the following link
The slogan of the "Facebook" page is simple – if you like Latvia, Latvia likes you!

The "Facebook" page will also allow followers to participate in interesting interactive activities and competitions.


For more information, please contact Mr. Vlad Koriagin at

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