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November 2012

Festival of Light Staro Rīga 2012

The fifth edition of the festival of light "Staro Rīga" will be held this year. The festival has become highly popular and anticipated among Rigans and tourists. "Staro Rīga" is an exhibition of outdoor installations, used to transform Riga's panorama using modern light and video technology.

This year's light festival will take place from 15th until 18th November. During four consecutive evenings in Riga at 6:00 PM dozens of light objects will be lit, able to be seen from both near and far distances as a part of the city’s landscape. Facades of buildings, bridges, monuments and parks will become showcase objects of light and video technology and exhibitions of light installations.

This year’s conception of the light festival “Staro Riga” is an invitation for everyone to become a light-seeker and go on a values-seeking quest. Spectators are encouraged not to get confused in the everyday information abundance, and from a simple observer become a light games player to answer questions to himself – what is good in life, what is bad, what is brilliant, what is raised too high, but essentially worthless.

Many creative and technical solutions companies are involved in the realization of the light festival “Staro Riga”. To create special light objects, dozens of artists and idea authors have invested their work. A light cafés route and billboard light objects program are included in the festival.

See this video from the last year event:


Estonian Natural History Museum reopened after renovations

Renovations to mark The Estonian Museum of Natural History's 50 years of operation have been completed and museum has reopened its doors to guests.

Located at the heart of Tallinn's OldTown, the museum has been closed since the beginning of the year for a major overhaul. The museum had last seen exhibition updates in the 1970s. The latest improvements entailed freshening up its forest, meadow and marshland displays as well as installing new light and sound systems. 

The museum's time-honoured annual event, its mushroom exhibition, will open this month for the 50th time. The exhibit will display over 100 edible, non-edible and poisonous fungi that grow in Estonia. The museum will have extended opening hours during the exhibition.


Meeting Industry Buyers invited to tap into lucrative Baltic market

Lithuania will next year play host to an exciting new exhibition showcasing the meeting and events industry in the Baltic Sea region, and international buyers are set to be big winners.

CONVENE, run by the Vilnius Convention Bureau, will be held from 13 – 14 February 2013 at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius, and will mark the Baltic Sea region’s first exhibition for meetings, events and incentives.

The organisers are inviting buyers from the meeting industry to register now in order to pre-schedule meetings with key industry suppliers from across the region. More than one hundred selected international buyers will have the opportunity to discover ground breaking opportunities from countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, and Russia.

CONVENE will offer buyers an insight into the region’s potential and will be showcasing attractive destinations through post-event tours. The selected buyers will be well looked after too, enjoying complimentary air travel and accommodation at a Vilnius partner hotel, along with access to the full programme of CONVENE networking and hospitality events.

JolantaBeniulienė, Director of the Vilnius Convention Bureau said: “CONVENE is an invaluable platform to make new connections and discover the huge untapped possibilities of our region. I am giving a promise that Vilnius will surprise and delight the international buyers attending the event.”

The event has already attracted support from leading members of the meeting industry. Paul Kennedy, MBE said: “Like many industry professionals I knew relatively little about this region, so it’s ideal that the Hosted Buyer programme will bring senior decision makers together. Vilnius is a fantastic gateway to the Baltic area, and CONVENE is sure to be an important event in the 2013 calendar.”

Buyers along with exhibitors can register online now, at


Liepāja War Port and Līgatne Bunker

Latvia is rich in historical military points of interest, which are open to the public and allow them to get a feel of Soviet-era atmosphere. One of the most popular such sites are the Liepāja War Port (Karosta) and the secret Soviet bunker in Līgatne.

In the territory of the rehabilitation centre "Līgatne", nine meters underground, a secret Soviet-era bunker is located, which is a well-equipped facility with a total area of 2,000 square meters. The bunker’s existence was only declassified in 2003. The bunker was built for the needs of the political and military elite of the Soviet Republic of Latvia in the 1980s in case of a nuclear war.

The authentic bunker has remained almost exactly as it was when it was constructed. It is possible to visit the site and take a tour of the bunker with a knowledgeable tour guide, as well as have a typical Soviet-era lunch.

Another impressive military site is the WarPort (Karosta) near Liepāja (southwesternLatvia), which was originally built by the Russian Czar at the end of the 19th century. During the Soviet-era, the WarPort was the Soviet Union’s main naval base on the Baltic Sea, and was closed to unauthorized persons. The site became a civil area in 1994 when the final Russian soldiers left.

The site looks more like a ghost town today, however, the WarPort’s unique PrisonMuseum has attracted much interest from tourists from around the world.The PrisonMuseum offers brave persons the opportunity of becoming a Soviet prisoner for 24 hours, or even become a soldier. It is even possible to spend the night in the prison.

See the video of Ligatne Bunker:

and LiepājaWarPort:


Medininkai is opened after renovation

The largest castle of an enclosure type in Lithuania is the Medininkai castle located in Medininkai village, Vilnius district, two kilometres from the border with Belarus. According to archaeologists, it was built in the period between the late 13th century to the first quarter of 14th century.

So far many secrets surround the castle and nowadays historians have vowed to explore them.
The enclosure type castle was built from rubble and bricks. The building site was carefully chosen as at those times there were slimy mud flats and forests around. These natural obstructions as well as two huge trenches defended the castle from attacks of Teutonic Order.Overall it was a stronghold occupying a territory of 6,5 hectares! Thus, it is not only the biggest enclosure type castle in Lithuania, it is also one of the biggest such castles in Eastern Europe. The length of 15 meter-high walls was 566 meters. More than 280 shooting holes, four gates and a five storied 30 meters long donjon were used for defensive purposes.

The castle also includes gorgeous halls where the highest monarchs of the Great Duchy of Lithuania gathered. During the Second World War Germans set their gun arsenal in one of towers of Medininkai castle. The tower was burst when Germans retreated. The Medininkai castle was not repaired until 1960. On the 27th of September Medininkai castle was officially opened after its first renovation stage. The castle is changed into an attractive tourism object. This history museum includes a nice square where a fantastic panoramic view opens, rifle galleries, mini craftsmen town in the castle yard and other sightseeing objects. Medininkai castle is believed to become a well attended tourist site.


The exhibition "Riga Now and Then" 

The historic Riga fortification walls have been gone a long time, yet the foundations of one of the bulwarks - Triangula Bastion - have been preserved. Now the site is presenting the exhibition "Riga Now and Then" with reproductions of historic engravings, informative stands and archaeological materials introducing the city's development through the centuries.

In the mid-13th century, Riga was protected by a fortification wall and towers, improved by a rampart and four bulwarks in the 16th century. The 1727-built Triangula Bastion was torn down in 1859 yet the four-metre-high foundations were not touched and can still be seen. Today these are the only remnants of the 16th-18th century Riga wall.

The exhibition "Riga Now and Then" tells about the development of the Daugava riverside from the wooden bank protection to the stone walls, from dykes to fortifications. Located on the second and base floor, the exhibition features reproductions of historic engravings with Riga's panorama and introduces the city's history under Swedish, Polish-Saxon and tsarist Russian rule, and Riga's development as one of the biggest fortifications on the Baltic shores.


For more information, please contact Mr. Vlad Koriagin at

Staro Riga

Staro Riga

Estonian Nature Museum

Estonian Nature Museum


Liepaja War Port

Ligatne Bunker

Medininkai Castle

Riga now and then

Riga now and then

Riga now and then