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Belgium is like Europe in a nutshell, with no fewer than 35 UNESCO world heritage sites, over 200 museums, over 1000 different beers and 2000 chocolate shops. Surrealist painter Ren? Magritte, Art Nouveau pioneer Victor Horta, as well as Tintin called Belgium home, along with dozens of other ?unknown? famous Belgians.
At Event Masters we do not only have an unrivalled understanding of our beautiful destination. We also have all the imagination, expertise and local contacts needed to plan and conduct unique and exclusive programs tailored to your wishes.


Corporate Bodybuilding...

August 2015

It is often said that it is “people” who make an organization what it is.

Every individual plays a vital role in how a company operates, how it is perceived, and how successful it can ultimately become. Indeed, people are the greatest asset of every organization.

Corporate Bodybuilding brings this premise alive with a unique experience where individuals collaborate as a team to create your company name or logo on a massive scale. They have to put themselves in the picture and use their own bodies as “living pixels” to create a large-scale image for posterity.

First, each delegate is assigned to a letter or segment of the logo. They are also issued with a color-coded suit.

They have to then link with 20, or perhaps 200 other delegates, to complete that letter. The next challenge is to then work with all the other letters or segments to correctly position themselves in relation to each other to create the overall logo. The human interaction process of Corporate Bodybuilding is always a lot of fun and will certainly break the ice and, quite literally, bring people together.

Once everyone is finally positioned, the living logo is photographed from above to create an impressive and lasting record of the event, and a powerful reminder of the important role everyone plays in the organization.

The Corporate Bodybuilding exercise is a great kick-start to an event or as a spectacular grand finale to a company conference.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Breaks the ice
  • Unifies the group
  • Encourages problem solving
  • Shared experience
  • Creates brand awareness


Curious to know more?

Please contact Event Masters, Mr. Bert Knuts at belgium@euromic.com

Corporate BodyBuilding

Corporate BodyBuilding

Corporate BodyBuilding