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Walpax is a fully accredited DMC, in operation for more than 30 years, with expertise in developing tailor-made programs for FITs, Incentives, Meetings, Tour Series and Special Interest Groups to Brazil.

Our company’s strongest assets are our dedicated staff, a close network with suppliers and guides, full support of tourism authorities and a permanent goal to absorb our principal’s.

We have a team of 14 people in sales and operations - young and very passionate. The warmth of the Brazilians play an important role in the way we do business. It could be summed up as: professionals that carry their compromise to the end. Our philosophy is ‘Your Office in Brazil’.


What’s New in Brazil?

April 2014

FIFA’s World Cup’s Destinations

FIFA’s World Cup – It is needless to say that life in Brazil currently is all about spring cleaning. All twelve World Cup cities are adding the last touches for the big event and we are happy to learn that we will have 12 spruced up destinations after the Cup. For detailed info, FIFA’s website is the place to go, the hosting cities and a bit of their history are there and information is updated by the minute.

Hotels in these cities are being renovated and it is fantastic to see the organized efforts of everybody to show the best aspect of Brazilians – their warm welcome

The highlights are:

Belo Horizonte - Gateway to the Historical Cities, one of Brazil’s cherished treasures. Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Congonhas do Campo and Inhotim are a fantastic open air museum that must be included in all Brazilian programs: www.inhotim.org.br/?gclid=CK_pstDUwr0CFUoV7AodlEkAXA

Brasília - A UNESCO World Heritage City and daring 20th century architecture by Oscar Niemeyer.

Cuiabá - Gateway to the Brazilian flood lands, the Pantanal, where bird species are counted by the hundreds while capybaras, giant otters, jaguars and alligators stand by.

Curitiba - A modern city with fantastic urban solutions copied the world over. Gateway to the train ride down the Atlantic rainforest as far as the Port of Paranaguá.

Fortaleza - Famous for its lovely and palm fringed beaches and the lace makers waiting for their husbands to return from the sea on their one sail precarious rafts.

Manaus - Gateway to the intriguing Amazon Rainforest but also an attractive destination in itself. The city center has been completely renovated and its historical buildings and museums are something not to be missed.

Natal - You can always choose the latest “invention” - camels along the crest of the dunes, or the roller-coaster downhill beach buggies for the daring, or a 4X4 expedition from Natal to Fortaleza by the wild beaches with an overnight on the way.

Porto Alegre - The gaucho land of the Brazilian barbecue, the Pampas and unforgettable canyons.

Recife - With traces of the 15th century Dutch invasion, Olinda its first capital, lovely beaches and gateway to Fernando de Noronha – where Travel Advisor named Praia do Sancho as the number one Best Beaches of the World. Noronha, as Brazilians call this National Park and restricted visitors area, is an archipelago that is a one hour flight from Recife. By road, south of Recife, Praia dos Carneiros is the second beach on Travel Advisor’s list this year. This coast has attractions like Porto de Galinhas and Nannai resort, among many others. 

Rio de Janeiro - A cosmopolitan city where history and leisure, nature and beaches, business and a National Park live under the outstretched arms of the statue of Christ and the constant surveillance of the Gávea rock and the Sugar Loaf guarding the entrance to the bay. But this is not all, small streets & stores, minute galleries, museums and an Opera House that will remind you of Paris, where there is always something new to be discovered.

Salvador - What can one say about this historical city? The African cultural heritage, the Capoeira martial art and a bit of everything in gourmet meals? As they say – The Land of Happiness and we cannot say that we do not agree!

And last but not least,

São Paulo - This city is like a miniature and harmonious United Nations, for the millions of immigrants who live in the city, in a fantastic melting pot of culture, gastronomy and above all of an understanding and preserved heritage differences. In São Paulo live more Italians than in many cities in Italy, ditto for Japanese in Japan – and a Sunday pizza is a must to most Paulistas! Or would it be a sashimi and sushi?


Butterfly House

As Chloe Gibbs, owner and manager says “Butterfly House is real paradise for real adventurers”. On Maraú peninsula, Butterfly House is the place to disconnect from the world. Take a few days for pampering and enjoy every minute of your stay!


Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro hotel scene - The majority of hotels in Rio are currently undergoing major in-depth renovation programs and most hotels will be 100% new when work is complete. Restaurants are revising their menus and wine lists and new products are here to stay! A ride on segways, organized bike rides or bikes to rent, additional subway stations with an extension to Barra da Tijuca and the BRT - Bus Rapid Transit.


For more information, please contact Anna Nagy at brazil@euromic.com


Belo Horizonte - Inhotim

Cuiaba - Pantanal

Manaus - Amazon Rainforest

Recife - Olinda

Rio - Maracana Stadium


Butterfly House

Rio de Janeiro by Segway