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Brazil: A country for the young at heart!

December 2014

As published recently by Travel Trends, Brazil is the #1 destination to be visited in 2015!

A cauldron of cultures due to the constant arrival of immigrants throughout history. Immigrants before long become fully adapted Brazilians, a part of the community and segregation is unheard of. In the 19th and 20th century immigrants came from Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, etc. Today Brazil welcomes people fleeing the harsh reality of Haiti, Bolivia, and Palestine, some African countries and last but not least, the Chinese here for the trade with China.

You are welcome to experience what Brazil is all about.



Nature plays a leading role in everybody’s life. Brazil is a country the size of a continent with landscapes that go from the intriguing Amazon Forest, to the beauty of the 275 falls of Iguassu National Park and the Pantanal – with flood land system and savanna vegetation.



Each region has its own production and work - from the lovely basketry of native Indians; in the Northeast, a rich tradition of clay and ceramic production; to the Southeast with textiles, wooden sculptures, soapstone to the South and the gauchos with wool and textiles.



A rich folklore translating the Portuguese heritage that is seen in the Northeast Carnival parades, or in June in the middle of the Amazon where the Parintins Festival takes place and Rio’s Carnival, unquestionably unique in all aspects – if one considers that one samba school parades with three to five thousand members, 7 to 10 floats and an orchestra of 150 musicians. Knowing that there are 12 top level schools, it is the largest popular opera festival in the world!

Reaching beyond borders, fine arts names like Beatriz Milhazes and Lygia Clark (just recently with an expo at the MOMA-NYC) are known to international collectors but the best of the Brazilian production is found at Inhotim, close to Belo Horizonte and fully dedicated to art.  See www.inhotim.org.br


Top Destinations

Rio is a history laden city. It began as the capital of the Portuguese colony; then capital of the Portuguese Empire with king, queen and court. His son stays behind and begins the Brazilian empire until 1889 when it becomes a republic. Now free of being the capital of the country Rio regains its youth and gaiety – translated in the words – Jeitinho Carioca / the mores of Rio.

A city with a rich background translated in its architecture and cultural activities. Most visitors leave Rio without knowing that there is a city to be discovered. Did you know that at the National Museum in Rio there are 2 Egyptian mummies? Downtown Rio, one can go, in minutes, from a 1500 building to a modern skyscraper and did you know that at the National Library there are two Moguncia Bibles?

The statue of Christ is in the list of the Wonders of the Modern world and is by its own right a beautiful Art Déco monument and the city has been appointed a UNESCO World Heritage for its unique landscape. See Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea

Rio is reinventing itself using the World Cup and Olympic Games. The historical downtown is becoming quite a place to be, to live and work. Lots of things to do, nightclubs, restaurants, etc…

Major work is renovating old 19th and 20th century buildings and an important urban updating is underway. It could be said that the city has found a new path and we will experience a return to the charm that is was when it was the capital of the country.

Brasília built in 5 years on the central plateau savanna, founded on April 1960 is already in the UNESCO World Heritage list for the groundbreaking and daring curves of Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture, revolutionary at the time. The gentle curves of his buildings were a sheer contrast to those of bauhaus (famous school of German design), Mies van der Rohe or Frank Lloyd Wright.

Brasilia is the capital of the country but also the capital of a country that understands that man is part of an esoteric world. As strange as it may be Brazilians, regardless of their religion, are in perfect tune with the esoteric world, a tradition that many visitors to Rio know - dressing in white for New Year’s. A land rich of African Cultural Heritage in fine tune with mother earth.

Manaus is the gateway to the Amazon Forest and one can find important buildings like Manaus Opera House and others as they represent the unlimited wealth of the Amazon during the Rubber Cycle at the end of the 19th and beginnings of the 20th century. Due to the importance of the rubber at the time, Henry Ford founded a city close to Santarém, halfway down the Amazon to Belém  called Fordlandia. The city exists to this day and its original urban planning and several of the buildings are maintained in mint condition.

What you see in this clipping is the river Negro, the main tributary of the Amazon.

The Amazon scenery changes drastically as seasons go by so there will never be two identical cruises in the Amazon. It is an experience in itself and being exposed to this ecosystem is unique, the rivers, canals, waterways, etc. in the Amazon are the highways, roads, avenues, streets and alleys of a city – Igarapés (are narrow creeks linking different bodies of water – either a river and a lake, or 2 rivers). Igapó is the flooded forest – with water higher, the level ground of the forest is inundated. When the waters drain it becomes the perfect place for animal life, from minute and colorful frogs to the anaconda that can reach 100 ft.! 

São Paulo in the list of world business, attracting attention for the possibilities that the country has to offer.

Three North American household brands are owned by Brazilians – Budweiser, Heinz and Burger King www.forbes.com/profile/jorge-paulo-lemann/

A metropolis, the largest in South America, with lots to see and do. There are more Italian and Japanese descendants living in São Paulo that outnumber the inhabitants of several cities in Italy and Japan! A mixture that the city welcomes.



Culinary discoveries and chefs are the trend now – chefs are compared to the best in the world and several award-winning restaurants explore the fresh produce of different regions. The inheritance of the Portuguese and Italian gastronomy is very important but Japanese food today is a must in many restaurants throughout the country. 

One cannot forget the “caipirinha” – a cocktail prepared with crushed ice, lime juice, sugar and cachaça – the sugarcane liquor. One could say that everybody becomes a huge fan of this “lemonade” laced with cachaça.
Using the same idea of the caipirinha, the “batida”, a cocktail with fruit juice like passion fruit, kiwi, lime (attention here we have the caipirinha and the batida made with lime juice, two different cocktails).
Beer and Chopp (draft beer) are a must be served at exactly zero degrees with a generous collar.

New Top Class Hotels

There are new top class hotels in places never heard before like
Kiaroa in Maraú - kiaroa.com.br
Kenoa Resort - www.kenoaresort.com/eng_frame.php

Some small and just the place for a barefoot holidays like
The Butterfly House - butterflyhousebahia.com
Or going further south to Ponta dos Ganchos - www.pontadosganchos.com.br

Going inland, the Hotel Canto das Águas at Chapada Diamantina - www.lencois.com.br in the city of Lençois
Or the Solar da Ponte - www.solardaponte.com.br
Or the posh Fasano Boa Vista - www.fasano.com.br/hotelaria/hotel/4 very close to São Paulo.


For more information, please contact Anna Nagy at brazil@euromic.com


Amazon Forest


Festival de Parintins


Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro



Amazon flooded forest

Sao Paulo



Ponta dos Ganchos

Solar da Ponte