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Walpax is a fully accredited DMC, in operation for more than 30 years, with expertise in developing tailor-made programs for FITs, Incentives, Meetings, Tour Series and Special Interest Groups to Brazil.

Our company’s strongest assets are our dedicated staff, a close network with suppliers and guides, full support of tourism authorities and a permanent goal to absorb our principal’s.

We have a team of 14 people in sales and operations - young and very passionate. The warmth of the Brazilians play an important role in the way we do business. It could be summed up as: professionals that carry their compromise to the end. Our philosophy is ‘Your Office in Brazil’.


News from Brazil!

April 2015

It’s New

Mirante do Gavião (freely translated as the “Hawk Lookout”) is the new lodge in the Amazon. There is no way of denying that it is a choice location – perched in front of the Anavilhanas Archipelago – the largest river archipelago in the world.

You will fall immediately in love with its surroundings, the warm welcome of the staff, delicious à la carte meals and last but not least – a comfortable and sophisticated lodge nestled in the Amazonian rainforest. The view from this vantage point is lovely and as far as the eye can see, the archipelago weaves its way up river.

A stay at Mirante do Gavião will make you understand what the Amazonian ecosystem means to the world. Expert guides are always ready to answer your questions and be with you during activities. If you are considering the Amazon as a destination for your holidays, the Mirante do Gavião is the place.


Eagles Ride

Did you know that motorcycles and the great Brazilian outdoors are two peas in a pod? What city in the world can display lovelier natural scenery than Rio?

You can start with a full day city and surroundings tour closing with a dive in the crystal clear waters of Itacuruçá Bay.

How about exploring the untouched and still wild beaches of Rio?
As strange as this may sound to you, we have five beaches that are definitely off limits to buildings of any kind.

Now, if you feel like hitting the road, there are longer circuits going as far as the thundering roar of Iguassu Falls (14 days). On the way you will experience the warm welcome of the locals, simple and delicious food, age old mountains and lovely waterfalls. There is always something special going on as you ride. The tour is guided and has a support vehicle for luggage, tools and other items.


Have you thought of your next incentive in paradise?

Fortaleza and Jericoacoara (“Jeri” for short). Think of balmy weather, year round temperatures at 28°C, an ever present breeze from the ocean, untouched beaches fringed with palm trees, handcrafts, things to do and last but not least – fresh seafood prepared in a number of ways, this the Northeast and Fortaleza is the main destination, the perfect gateway to beaches that are becoming destinations in their own right.
Jeri”: Its distance from Fortaleza (327 km) and the apparent difficulty of reaching this lovely beach only increases the curiosity.

Have you ever heard of the Sunset Dune? Without any apparent reason, daily at 5 pm people start climbing the 30 m high dune to watch the sunset. As the sun reaches the horizon, the dune changes color and a spontaneous round of applause is heard. After the show you can choose to go down the dune real fast by sand surfing your way to the bottom - tricky but not difficult.

During the day, explore the neighboring beaches on a quadricle or a beach buggy. If you fancy wind or kitesurfing, the breeze is there waiting for you. If you feel like doing nothing, sit in a hammock and have a nap while the waves lap you to sleep. Fresh seafood is the best ever and prepared to perfection, nothing fancy, just delicious! Small hotels are comfortable and service is warm and friendly. Jeri is the place for a special barefoot holiday!


Lost in Time

Historical cities in Brazil are to be discovered. Let’s have Rio as the gateway, you can go to Paraty, Tiradentes and Congonhas do Campo, three jewels of the Estrada Real (Royal Road Circuit) in the states of Minas Gerais (General Mines).

Paraty on Ilha Grande Bay is a baroque treasure left untouched for centuries. Today it is the venue for the FLIP – Paraty Intl. Literary Festival attracting several important international guests. The 2015 event is scheduled for July 1 to 5. The flair for literature must have started with Paraty born Júlia, mother of Thomas and Heinrich Mann and inspiration for several characters in Thomas Mann’s works. She was a model for Gerda Arnoldsen and Toni Buddenbrook in the Buddenbrooks. 

The best is left for last - in Paraty you find small distilleries brewing the famous Brazilian sugarcane liquor – the cachaça and a special cachaça festival starts on August 30 this year. To complement, restaurants are famous and the culinary treats are special.

Baroque buildings became lovely inns and the narrow cobblestone streets of the historical centre are closed to vehicles. Bikes allowed.

Tiradentes (325 km from Rio) the other historical city, was brought back to its beauty by an NGO working “behind the scenes” and spearheading several activities. A haven of handcrafts like wood sculptures and furniture, handloom woven bed covers and carpets, paintings, soapstone articles and much more. The restaurant scene is great and serve the simple staple food of the first settlers and the ever present cachaça.

In Tiradentes we find the second richest church in the country – 482 kg of gold cover the inlays of its main and side altars. Make sure not to miss the Friday 6 pm wind organ concert. The instrument was made in Portugal and brought to Tiradentes in the 18th century. As you are in Tiradentes do not miss an unforgettable place some 79 km away. 

Congonhas do Campo is in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.
We quote UNESCO: “The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus dos Matosinhos – This sanctuary in Minais Gerais, south of Belo Horizonte was built in the second half of the 18th century. It consists of a church with a magnificent Rococo interior of Italian inspiration; an outdoor stairway decorated with statues of the prophets; and seven chapels illustrating the Stations of the Cross, in which the polychrome sculptures by Aleijadinho are masterpieces of a highly original, moving, expressive form of Baroque art.”


Every Night is Friday!

If you are thinking of São Paulo we share rapper Don L phrase read at The Guardian: "In São Paulo, every day is a Monday, but every night is a Friday."
So, let’s follow the trendies meeting the bohos and party people at Lions 2 dance floors: Casa 92 where you dance under the starts in 3 courtyards, each with bar and dance floor or the Blue Velvet décor matching the name, a cozy place where Isabella Rossellini is the name of a cocktail (sparkling wine, melon liqueur and fizzy lemonade).

If you are thinking of having dinner before you hit the night, among thousands of options how about these leads: Kaá and a baffling upright garden; a pizza at La Famiglia Mancini downtown; or a light Japanese meal at Shigueru where you take your pick from a tray presented to you by the waiter and last but not least, addressing to the many cultures that boil in São Paulo, a hearty barbecue at Rubaiyat or Fogo de Chão.


For more information, please contact Anna Nagy at brazil@euromic.com

Mirante do Gaviao, Anavilhanas Lookout

Mirante do Gaviao bungalow

Eagles Ride

Eagles Ride



Jeri Dune



Congonhas, Campo Basilica

Congonhas, Campo Basilica entrance

Casa 92