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Special Events & Venues...

August 2013

Corporate clients probably overuse the word ?exclusive?, but it is because that is what they are looking for. That special touch, that extra mile, those venues and events that people cannot participate in themselves on an ordinary holiday, or even an extraordinary holiday. These things add the value that makes our industry and our abilities unique. They are the ?Coffee Table Talking Points? that our guests cherish and repeat for a life time. ?Yes that is a picture of me having a private dinner at The Forbidden City.?

Beijing the capital of the second largest economy in the modern world, but it is also a city steeped in history with a multitude of historical sites in and surrounding the city. It is the special events and visits that can be arranged that add to the appeal of Beijing as a destination.

Recently a new venue, but an ancient site, has been opened for private visits and events.This being the Unopened Area of Ming Tombs. To truly get the most of this site, we always suggest that the client invest in having a special resource, a retired historian Professor Hu, who was one of the first archeologists to enter the Tombs when they were first opened in 1956. He is now retired and enjoys his days in the Hutongs playing with his granddaughter, but when he talks about picking up the one of the Ming Emperors swords, still in perfect condition, his eyes light up and his passion for history engages the listener.

The Ming Tombs are 50 kilometers from the northwest of Beijing and are surrounded by mountains on three sides. The Tombs cover an area of 120 square kilometers and 13 of the 16 Ming Dynasty emperors were buried there. They are the best preserved Chinese imperial tombs and have been nominated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

The journey to the tombs is started with the ?Sacred Way?. The pathway that led to the Mausoleums is guarded by massive marble monuments of animals, mythical creatures and generals and Confucius scholars that are some of the most beautiful relics left to us today. Many legends surround these great sculptures and enhance the journey to the tombs.

The tomb that is not open to the public, which we can visit with guests, is the Yongling Tomb. This tomb was that of the 11th emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu HouCong (his title beingJiaJing, 1507-1567) and his three empresses. One of only three Emperors who ruled for 60 or more years, he is one of the greatest characters of ancient Chinese history. It is the second largest tomb of the 13 Mausoleums and because of the lack of public traffic, is the best preserved. This is a very special visit and special event for clients.

For special events, arguably the most spectacular venue that can be opened for private events is the Tai Miao Temple in the Forbidden City. Made most famous by the international performance of Turandot in 1999, the ability to use this most treasured of ancient venues is indeed for the special and privileged few. The temple itself was used for the worship of Ancestors, the only temple within the bounds of the Forbidden City walls and it was the area where the coronation of emperors took place. Both the courtyard and the inner temple can be used for events, each equally spectacular and unique.

The walk to a dinner in the inner courtyard is in itself a breathtaking experience with the right lighting setting the mood.

The temple houses the only complete set of the Bianzhong (found in the tomb of the Emperor Zi from the Zeng State ? 433BC by Chinese archeologists in 1978, it consists of bronze bells and solid jade chimes) and gives an incredible sense of history and imperial grandeur? as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

The other option in Tai Miao is the Tai Miao Courtyard. Again a picture tells a thousand words and it would be hard to find a more spectacular venue anywhere in the world. Guests who have the privilege of dining here will talk about this experience for a lifetime? Guaranteed!

These special venue visits and special events are what make working with DMCs essential to create unique once in a lifetime events. It is what separates professional DMCs from the rest.

Sacred Way

Yongling Tomb

Tia Miao Temple

Inner Courtyard


Dinner Setup

China Children's Choir Performing in Tai Miao