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Lean, Green, Mean Machines...

January 2014

It is ironic that 2014 will be the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Horoscope and it will also be the year that we see the inaugural FIA Formula E Championship, so horsepower will be challenged by e-power. The season will run from Sept 2014 through June 2015.

This is a step into the future of not just motorsports, but a major move forward in the technical development of electronic vehicles. On the provisional calendar Beijing will host the first race of this exciting season on September 20th, 2014 with the last race scheduled to be in London on June 27th 2015. These are also the two cities that have hosted the last two Olympic Games no less.

The question now arises of how we as organisers and promoters of MICE events can make the most of this new and exciting series of races.

Let?s look at the potential client interest and client audiences. The teams that run the formula-e cars, like the current Formula 1, will rely heavily on sponsors for their financing. While there will be some cross-over with the current sponsors, most of the confirmed major sponsors that have currently signed up for the events are ?new? to the sport of motor racing.

So in terms of opportunities this presents:

No. 1 would be: A raft of potential clients who may bring their staff and key clients to this event as a part of a conference, meeting or incentive programme. While F1 has a very loyal following, there are many people who while enjoying the trappings of the event struggle with the length of the event and the noise levels make conversation difficult.

No. 2 & 3:

  • The formula-e races will be run over one whole day with no separate practice day or qualifying day. So it will be a full day of enjoyment and excitement!
  • During the course of a race, each team will have two cars, each racing for half the race, with a top speed of about 240kph. The cars will have zero emissions and race silently. Obviously any vehicle travelling at that speed will make noise, but not the ear splitting roar of a combustion engine at full revs.

While these elements are part of the fabric and the love of F1, they don?t appeal to everyone. So what we have with the formula-e, is an event that will appeal to a different audience as a single day event, while still attracting motor enthusiasts. It doesn?t need to take away from or compete head on with F1.

As a one day event incentive houses and PCO?s with their DMC?s can more easily build varied and programmes around a formula-e race.
While there are many more, there are two other key opportunities to highlight. These are very much part of our clients and our considerations these days. They are cost and CSR.

No. 4:

  • Being a ?new event? and with it being only staged for 1 day, it will be far more cost effective than taking a group to a F1.

So an exciting new event at a lower cost that will not require the sort of budget allocation that attending a current F1 event does.

And last but not least No 5:

  • CSR. For year?s F1 and other motor racing has been essential in the development of cars and engine technology, more power, less fuel. Newer, safer materials, improvements in road handling and steering, the list goes on. Formula-e arguably will be the biggest step forward in the development of electronic vehicles. There is nothing like competition to rapidly find ways and means of improving on what you have.

So supporting the event will be in essence supporting the move for vehicles to viably ?Go Green?.

Our suggestion to you is to jump on the bandwagon early. Use the opportunity and the event to develop new programmes and target potential new clients. The formula-e provides the MICE industry with a great event to ?hang their hats on?.

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