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June 2014

There are several elements that make up the organization of a dinner, and each has its priority and place. We start with food. As organisers we are all aware that if the food is not up to the standard the client or guests expect, that will be remembered and talked about more than if it does meet or exceed expectations. Our clients expect great food, making that the first and probably the base ingredient to a successful event.

Then comes the venue. The venue itself is a huge part of what might be called the intangible benefit of choice. It really doesn’t matter how much we dress up restaurants and ballrooms, they are still dressed up spaces, but when we can find or use a venue that is special, it is an immediate take-home memory. When a guest is able to go home and say [in the context of China] “I had dinner on the Great Wall of China” or “in The Great Hall of the People”, you have given them a special place for a special event that they can and will talk about forever.

But the final piece of the puzzle, the icing on the cake, is the entertainment. It is what carries them away to a special place, or brings them back to the origins of where they are. It is what we can do in a short space of time to create a story or deliver an emotional experience that will remain for them forever.

We are extremely fortunate in China to have both a surfeit of great venues and exceptional entertainment options. Put together properly they create the success stories that companies choose us as DMC’s and our destinations for.

Such an event was the MAN Diesel & Turbo 2014 Beijing License Days:

Welcome Dinner at the Ritz Carlton Financial Street, Beijing

  1. Lover performed by Zhao Xinying from the China Acrobatic Company
  2. A fusion of traditional Mongol songs with modern music performed by Delehi
  3. The classical Dai minority Peacock Dance, an imperial favourite performed by Xue Ming from the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Ensemble


The Temple of the Heavenly King Beihai Park, Beijing’s first Summer Palace, which was first used by the Chinese Imperial families over 1000 years ago.


  1. The Southern Lion Dance is a lively performance that is used to herald the beginning of an event, the opening of a business or the start of a new partnership. Unlike the Dragon Dance, which is more a festival performance, it should be performed at the start of the event in order to ensure good “Feng Shui” (or good luck or energy).
  2. Ballet on Shoulders, a new take on a traditional classic. This takes great strength and precision. Performed by Yang Yang and Xiao Ye from China National Acrobatics Troupe.
  3. Kunqu Opera. The United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization has listed Kunqu Opera as a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of humanity. Performed by Chen Juan Juan and Wang Hai from the Northern Kun Qu Opera Theater.
  4. Thousand Hands Buddha Dance performed by the Beijing Dance Drama & Opera


Juyonguan Section, The Great Wall of China

  1. Imperial Drummers greet “Royal Guests” to the Great Wall of China.
  2. Guo Jian Chao: Chief Tenor of the Beijing Dance Drama & Opera
  3. Sun Qing: Chief Soprano of the Beijing Dance Drama & Opera. She was awarded a Golden Prize at the Moscow Opera Competition.


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Great Wall

Zhao Xinying


Xue Ming

Southern Lion Dance

Ballet on Shoulders

Kunqu Opera

Thousand Hands Buddha Dance

Imperial Drummers

Guo Jian Chao Chief Tenor

Sun Qing Chief Soprano