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Destination China is China?s first privately held Destination Management Company and the only one with combined Chinese and Western management and expertise. Our mission is to create and operate imaginative incentive programs, meetings and events within China, for the world?s most demanding corporate end users. We look forward to helping you and your clients discover why China has fascinated world travellers for over 5,000 years. With its vibrant economy and a swiftly developing tourism infrastructure, China is fast becoming one of the travel industry?s most requested destinations, offering a virtually endless mix of exciting historical, cultural and entertainment attractions? all in five-star comfort. We at Destination China have combined our substantial international know-how and experience with a well-established tourism presence in China to offer top quality service and one-stop shopping for all land requirements. At all times we strive to provide unmatched creativity in conception and planning, reliability in execution and flawless performance in every detail.


Destination China
Good Bye Beijing. Good Luck London.

September 2008

China and Beijing have come a long way. Nothing highlighted this more than China?s new Golden Boy, the Artistic Director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the XXIX Olympiad, Zhang Yimou. Only two decades ago a renegade movie director, recognized internationally but whose movies were banned in his own home.

This was China?s coming out party. A sign to the world that they could meet anyone on the world stage, and succeed. The spirit of the games and in particular the local support was evident everywhere in Beijing. Every athlete was cheered, the stadiums rung with noise (and encouragement), flags flew and people danced. The attendances, across all sports, were the highest on record (by percentage) of any on record.

A tough act to follow, or a benchmark for the future?

And among all these great moments, inspiring events, incredible feats of human endurance? was the Destination China team, ensuring that the guests they had attending the Games had the most incredible experience.

The challenges with the games, from an operator?s point of view, come from the fact that there are so many ?organizing bodies?, constant changes to ?logistics? and that everyone is literally a VIP. With programme costs running in the 10?s of thousands for each guest? they have to be.

But it is the sheer volume of staff and guests that is staggering. Coca Cola ? 3200, Visa ? 2120; Adidas ? 1650; Manulife ? 1200; Bank of America 1300 per day in their ?hospitality venue for family and friends of the athletes?; The Advance Travel Partners ? 26 groups consisting of 1850 persons; Track & Field News - 660 and then the numerous ?smaller groups of less than 200 ? Chevron, LG, Telcel, Qualcomm, Allianz? just to name a few.

If Fortune 500 were to have a forum, we could have supplied half the CEO?s. But it?s not just the numbers it?s the fun. If you saw groups of Dutch riding bikes around the streets of Beijing (in orange Heineken House T-shirts) or in taxi convoys? they were ours. And for those that couldn?t make the opening and closing ceremonies, the party in Block 8 which included Adidas and LG went till 5am.

And the other small highlight: LG (out of Australia) wanting to support the home swimmers, asked for shirts to be made with the Australian and Chinese flag (done to size in 4 hours). Regaled in these ?patriotic uniforms? they were picked up on the Australian cameras and interviewed by numerous reporters after the session. A personal highlight for them and their families watching from back home.

In all this, and with all these events going on, coaches, guides, lollipop people (the ones holding the signs). Not a hitch, Not a person lost (who didn?t want to get lost), even in the famous Heineken House. The operations were an amazing operation in precision and efficiency, without ever loosing the personal touch that has been Destination China?s trademark since its inception.

It was a great experience for all and will be something that our people (as our guests will do) can talk about for decades to come. But most importantly, as China can be proud of their achievement. We - Brian, Issy and I (Gunther), as managers and mentors of our staff are incredibly proud of what our team achieved, collectively and individually. They all deserve gold medals.

The Opening

The Stadium

The Road

The Fans

The Bicycle Tour

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The Closing