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Destination China is China?s first privately held Destination Management Company and the only one with combined Chinese and Western management and expertise. Our mission is to create and operate imaginative incentive programs, meetings and events within China, for the world?s most demanding corporate end users. We look forward to helping you and your clients discover why China has fascinated world travellers for over 5,000 years. With its vibrant economy and a swiftly developing tourism infrastructure, China is fast becoming one of the travel industry?s most requested destinations, offering a virtually endless mix of exciting historical, cultural and entertainment attractions? all in five-star comfort. We at Destination China have combined our substantial international know-how and experience with a well-established tourism presence in China to offer top quality service and one-stop shopping for all land requirements. At all times we strive to provide unmatched creativity in conception and planning, reliability in execution and flawless performance in every detail.


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Hainan Island...

May 2009

Sanya, Hainan Island

Hainan Island has often been called the Chinese Hawaii, and indeed, it is the only tropical beach destination in China. With coasts on the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin, about a 90-minute flight southwest of Hong Kong, this island, is attracting large numbers of Chinese and overseas visitors for a little sun and fun.

China’s holiday capital, Sanya is located in the extreme south of the island. With clear blue waters and white sand beaches along its south edge, lush green mountains to the north and palm trees just about everywhere, Sanya is truly a tropical paradise with seemingly endless sun, fun and exciting activities for visitors of all nationalities, ages and interests.

The warm, sandy south coast around the port city of Sanya is experiencing a luxury hotel boom: Ritz-Carlton, Banyan Tree, Le Méridien and Mandarin Oriental have all opened resorts there in the last year, with Fairmont and Raffles properties also in the pipeline. Look around, and you’ll encounter weekend warriors from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou - besides tourists from all over the world - all seeking to escape the crush of big-city life for a glamour resort, a quiet stretch of beach and a frozen cocktail.

Here’s how The Ritz-Carlton highlighted their recent Sanya opening:

* China’s only seaside tropical tourist destination.

* Lies at 18°north latitude, the most romantic sunshine coast on the planet

* China’s best city in terms of air quality, No.1 in China, No.2 in the world

* YalongBay, the No.1 bay in China and the district with highest density of worldly top coastal resorts

* The city with highest visibility in China marine territory, boasting 19 prime bays with average visibility over 10 meters

* China’s outstanding city in terms of landscaping, with forestation coverage up to 60%

* The best city of China in terms of residential environment

* The first city of China consecutively holding the 53rd, 54th and 55th and upcoming 57th Miss World Finals

* The highest Kwan-yin Statue (108m) in the world – Nanshan Sea-based Kwan-yin


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