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Destination China is China?s first privately held Destination Management Company and the only one with combined Chinese and Western management and expertise. Our mission is to create and operate imaginative incentive programs, meetings and events within China, for the world?s most demanding corporate end users. We look forward to helping you and your clients discover why China has fascinated world travellers for over 5,000 years. With its vibrant economy and a swiftly developing tourism infrastructure, China is fast becoming one of the travel industry?s most requested destinations, offering a virtually endless mix of exciting historical, cultural and entertainment attractions? all in five-star comfort. We at Destination China have combined our substantial international know-how and experience with a well-established tourism presence in China to offer top quality service and one-stop shopping for all land requirements. At all times we strive to provide unmatched creativity in conception and planning, reliability in execution and flawless performance in every detail.


Destination China
Sanya, Macau and Hong Kong...

October 2009

So when was the last time you went to Hawaii? in China? Yes believe it or not, China has its own version of Hawaii. Pristine beaches, beautiful resorts, great golf courses and one of the most important things, easy access.

Why is that? Because coming from international destinations (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul or by charter) into Sanya as a group is Visa free, if your guests originate from a list of 27 selected countries. This list includes countries such as the USA, Singapore, Russia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Holland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Your guests can then stay in China for 12 days.

Usually destination incentives or corporate incentives start with the meeting element and end with leisure time on the beach. Well it may be time to re-think that philosophy for China. Let?s say Sanya & Hong Kong or Macau. In Sanya you have many international resort hotels with exceptional meeting facilities, so why not use them. The working bit can be mixed with some time on the beach, maybe a round of golf, a team-building on the beach or in the Tropical Jungle and the obligatory ?Pirate Theme Beach Party?.

Then off to Hong Kong or Macau. We are asking Incentive Houses to think outside the box. Think of pristine white sandy beaches, emerald green golf courses, fun in the jungle AND then Hong Kong?s famous Harbor and breathtaking skyline or the Cotai Strip in Macau, which will soon rival Las Vegas for lights, cameras and action (they already earn more there).

We did recently put this to the test with several key Incentive Houses from Australia joining us on an educational visit to Hong Kong, Macau and Sanya. In conjunction with Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air, The Island and Kowloon Shangri-La?s, The Macau Government Tourist Office and the Ritz Carlton Resort Sanya we managed to change perceptions of a critical and demanding audience.

What?s new in Hong Kong, a familiar battle cry was soon drowned out by 10... 11... 12... 13...14.. Hup 15, as we raced (figuratively speaking) across Deep Water Bay in Outrigger Canoes. After the morning wake up, a far more pleasant lunch in the Crown Wine Cellars. A specialist wine and food club and restaurant built in UNESCO heritage World War II ammunition bunkers. A little more wine blending and tasting at Hong Kong?s only winery ? built in an industrial estate. The 8th State Winery? a little shopping and back to the hotel. In Hong Kong you have to cruise the Harbor and dinner in the Kowloon Shangri-La wine cellar topped off the evening.

Day 3 started with a helicopter flight from Hong Kong to Macau. Fast, convenient and WOW. A whistle stop tour taking in the Macau Grand Prix Museum, A skywalk (over 400 meters above the ground), some great hotels and the Cotai Strip? Asia?s Las Vegas? and easy as pie, off to Sanya.

This was the eye opener and some of the ideas we showed really wowed these hardened travelers. No regular site inspection here. With the hotel, the inspection became a treasure hunt around the truly stunning Ritz Carlton Resort, Sanya. And it is something you might want to think about yourself, as a means of differentiating and creating an experience. With drinks and snacks waiting in each outlet, a little friendly table tennis, some coconut ten pin bowling on the beach, this became a competitive exercise. A true success and something we will do again. Most importantly the guests really got to know the resort and its facilities.

At night a candlelight dinner on the beach with a band (actually a duo). The next day was more active with a climbing exercise up a creek bed and 3 waterfalls in a stunning rainforest. We didn?t make the White water rafting, but that is another adrenalin adventure on this island. Sanya?s Minority Village is another of its more interesting sites and after all the activities? a foot massage was in order.

The final day included SPA treatments as ESPA, Golf and just some time on the stunning beach in Yalong Bay. It is truly hard to think of anywhere that has better soft white sand that stretches from one end of the bay to the other.

This educational tour was put in place in order to open up the eyes of the Australian market to another great resort destination in Asia? but no-one expected that to be China. It was an outstanding success, as this destination will be. It has the hotels, the beaches and the activities AND it is only an hour from Hong Kong and Macau: two of the most exciting cities in Asia if not the world.


Golf Course

Outrigger Canoes

Flight to Macau

The Group at the Ritz Carlton

Candlelight Dinner

Creek Bed

Pool Ritz Carlton