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Destination China is China’s first privately held Destination Management Company and the only one with combined Chinese and Western management and expertise. Our mission is to create and operate imaginative incentive programs, meetings and events within China, for the world’s most demanding corporate end users. We look forward to helping you and your clients discover why China has fascinated world travellers for over 5,000 years. With its vibrant economy and a swiftly developing tourism infrastructure, China is fast becoming one of the travel industry’s most requested destinations, offering a virtually endless mix of exciting historical, cultural and entertainment attractions… all in five-star comfort. We at Destination China have combined our substantial international know-how and experience with a well-established tourism presence in China to offer top quality service and one-stop shopping for all land requirements. At all times we strive to provide unmatched creativity in conception and planning, reliability in execution and flawless performance in every detail.


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October 2011

Surprise Surprise!!!

On a beautiful spring night in Beijing, 400 guests were transported to a SURPRISE venue…

And what greater surprise than the Great Wall of China. The Wall at Juyonguan Pass snakes along the mountain ridge and through the valley, “surrounding” the dinner venue. So whichever direction the guests looked, they looked up at the Great Wall of China. As the sun set the entire wall was lit up and the guests were surrounded by this magnificent wonder of the ancient world shining against the night sky. The question was, how to top this experience for the awards dinner… which was also to be held at a mystery venue.

On another spectacular night, Destination China organized a spectacular awards dinner in the Golden Hall at the Great Hall of the People, a venue usually reserved for events of state. This evening was all black, red and gold as each participant had been given a tailormade Chinese silk jacket. The entertainment included an 18 piece orchestra, the spectacular 100 Hands Golden Buddha Dance, Bal-let on Shoulders and acrobat performances. An international act was also flown in to sing at the dinner and at the post party back at the hotel.

Other evening functions included a Welcome Beijing Food Street and a dine-around evening in the Hohai Lake District. The highlight of the daily activities was a “Beijing City Race” that took them to the Hutongs where they learned calligraphy and dumpling making, the Temple of Heaven where they flew kites and played local Chinese games and to the Hong Qiao Markets, where they participated in a negotiating challenge. It was all great fun and an effective way of getting people together and seeing the city.

This conference brought together the top franchisees and retail suppliers from a major international brand. The programme was held in Beijing in May 2011 and was the best attended and most successful they have held.


Internationals are Riding High in China

An amazing statistic: every two weeks, there is a new international brand hotel in China opening to the public,many of them luxury brands. More and more hotel chains are staking a claim on the burgeoning Chinese market with their luxury hotel brands.

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, “the highest hotel in the world”, opened in the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in March 2011. The Ritz Carlton occupies floors 102 to 118 at the very top of the building. The restaurant, located on the hotel's 118th floor, has quickly become one of the most popular places to dine in Hong Kong. There's even an al fresco terrace. Just don't look down!

Part of the China World Trade Centre complex, China World Summit Wing is the highest hotel in Beijingand overlooks the city’s CBD and the spectacular and world renowned CCTVTower. With more than 5,500 square meters of meeting and event space, including Beijing’s largest pillar-less ballrooms, this hotel provides perfect options for those looking for a small Beijing meeting venue with an exclusive feel or a large banquet space for conferences. Within walking distance of three other Shangri-La properties, The China World Hotel, The Kerry Center Beijing and The Traders Beijing, the possibilities for staging and housing events of any and all sizes is amazing.

Built in Lhasa,Tibet at 12,000 feet above sea level, St. Regis Lhasa is one of the highest luxury hotels in the world. With unimpeded views of the Himalayas and LhasaValley, this eight-acre-resort complex is inspired by the nearby world-famous Sera Monastery built in 1419 and is a place of great architectural and spiritual significance to this region. The St. Regis was designed with the region’s ecology, economy and history in mind. With sustainable features including solar panels, locally-sourced produce and herbs for the resort's three signature restaurants as well as an underground water recycling system, it is a clear example of the way international hotel groups can work in harmony with unique cultures and regions of the world.


What's Up? The Moon!

On September 12th, the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, the moon was at its fullest point in the lunar cycle and the Chinese people celebrate the Mid-autumn (or Moon) Festival. It is a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon. The round shape to a Chinese means family reunion. Therefore, the Moon Festival is a national public holiday allowing for members of families to gather and enjoy moon cakes and other auspicious dishes.

As with every traditional Chinese holiday, a special food accompanies the Moon Festival. Logically for the Moon Festival, it is a Moon Cake. It can only be described as a kind of pastry with a range of fillings from lotus paste, sesame and walnut to ham. In the centreof the moon cake is an egg yolk (often salted) that represents the full moon.


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Beijing City Race

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