For more than 40 years, euromic - events & destination management partnership, is a non-commercial association, created to market and promote its members to the meetings, conferences and incentive travel industry on a worldwide basis.

We can unlock the power of your business strategy with solutions supporting successful meetings, incentives, conventions and events in 54 destinations across the globe.

This website provides you with information related to all of our destinations and is a key gathering place to reach directly each of our members.

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Discover what is euromic today!

Discover what is euromic today!

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Concept - What is euromic?

euromic is a non-profit association founded in 1973. Today, with forty years of experience, euromic has earned the status of "THE association of the leading Destination Management Companies".

One of the secrets of its success and longevity is the one-member-per-country policy and its focus on destinations of the highest quality.

Recognized for its experience and expertise in meetings, incentives, conventions and high-caliber special-interest programs, euromic stands for quality, security, stability, sophistication and the highest standards of professional conduct, as well as success. euromic strives for top quality and the best professional service in the field of group travel, meetings, incentives and conventions.


Who are the members of euromic?

Membership is by invitation only.
Each member company is an independent and experienced Destination Management Company, which has proved its capacity to meet stringent euromic qualifications.
Membership is limited to one DMC per country and is both a privilege and a quality seal.

By including just one Destination Management Company from each Destination, euromic aims for the best and the highest calibre service. It therefore involves a careful and thorough selection process. The candidates are strictly subjected to an arduous selection process as follows:

  1. A selection of prospective members that have been pre-qualified as true DMC's are invited and sent application forms
  2. Each applicant is thoroughly investigated to ensure it meets euromic's criteria for handling meeting and incentive events with efficiency, professionalism and creativity. The company's structure, operations and staff are scrutinized - including employee turnover rate and financial records
  3. Next, euromic checks the reputation of the candidate DMC's by interviewing their clients and their suppliers, including hotels and transportation companies for feedback. It must be clear that the candidate is experienced in handling client groups from a range of markets, from local to overseas
  4. The search is then narrowed down to three or four candidates. Those DMC's are interviewed by euromic's Board of Directors, and the field is reduced to two finalists
  5. All euromic members then vote for one of the two finalists. A two-thirds majority is required for the final approval

What are the main activities of euromic?

To promote the name and image of euromic and its members throughout the travel industry.

To ensure and maintain the quality of service provided by euromic members.

To jointly conduct market research in the United States, in Europe and in other parts of the world.

To endeavour to enhance the professionalism of euromic members through education and training, exchange of ideas, techniques and staff, and through seminars.

To develop co-operation and exchange of information and leads between members.

Who administers euromic?

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors composed of seven members, elected by the General Meeting, by secret ballot, from among the active members of the Association.

euromic Board 2018

euromic board 2017
From left to right:
Mr. Andrew Hulewicz (Education & motivation) poland@euromic.com
Mr Karim El Minabawy (Immediate Past President / PR & Communication) egypt@euromic.com
Mr. Giancarlo Carrera (Finances) switzerland@euromic.com
Ms. Anna Nagy (Education & motivation) brazil@euromic.com
Mr. Hasan Dinç - President turkey@euromic.com
Ms. Eduarda Neves (European Markets) portugal@euromic.com
Mr. Laszlo Pasztor (Emerging Markets) hungary@euromic.com
Mr. Victor Cañizares (North American Market) spain@euromic.com
Mr. Rajeev Kohli (VP / Finances) india@euromic.com

The Board is assisted in its day-to-day task by an appointed Executive Director: Christophe Verstraete

The Registered Office of the Association ("Loi 1901") is situated: 12, rue du Helder - 75009 Paris - France