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PREMIO DMC develops innovative incentives, special events, conferences and meetings in Costa Rica. Experts since 1998 our destination management services are inspired by the highest quality and ethical standards, creatively enhanced by the personal approach that characterizes all our programs. Expect us to handle your events with flair, excellence and fun!


Costa Rica, Two Seasons, Five reasons and a lifetime love...

April 2017

Costa Rica, the small country in the middle of the two giant Americas. A source of adventure, nature, peace and friendliness. A place where nature is taking back space from the pavement. Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for any weary traveler. However, the question comes: What makes it so great for Incentives Travel?
You know what they say: People come to your life, for a season, for a reason or a lifetime.

Well, at Premio DMC we like to give you two seasons, five reasons and a lifetime love for Incentives in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Rainy season

Dry season



Tico smiling