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February 2017

For the next three years the beautiful coastal city of Paphos in Cyprus has been honoured as the official representative of Cypriot culture for the whole of Europe and a depiction and reflection of the European culture all over the world.

The “Open-Air Factory” concept coined by Paphos 2017 is aspired to turn the city into an “outdoor plant and artistic cultural center”.  Every corner of Paphos will be converted into an outdoor cultural hall.

The castle square, the archaeological park, the wind park, Akamas, the open spaces of Peyia, the Auditorium of Polis, community squares, neighborhoods, and many other parts of the district will be used creatively, and for at least nine months a year will be host to various displays of European culture under the blue Mediterranean skies.

Antiquities and modern theatre, street and neighborhood concerts, dancing in parks, exhibition squares, and outdoor cinemas, are all but of a few of the events being created for the highly important cultural event year.

The opportunity presented, offers European artists the chance to exchange valuable knowledge and experience between them therefore promoting personal and creative interaction among European citizens, thereby enhancing the vision of European integration and the creation of a strong and prosperous Europe.

With this honor comes great responsibility in showcasing the best of Cyprus as a modern and culturally rich European country while strengthening Paphos’ image as a historic town inspired by its rich past to build a bright future.

A common vision and goal of Cypriots all over the island is to make Paphos a European Capital of Culture worthy of the history.
Celebrating 35 years in the industry this year, Drakos DMC in Cyprus would be extremely enthusiastic to see you and meet you here and show you around, our very own Open Air Factory.


Interested? From more information, please contact Mrs. Christina Drakos at cyprus@euromic.com

Paphos Harbour

Paphos Castle


Paphos City by Night

Aphrodite's Rock

Paphos Odeon