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When it comes to destination management, research and creativity are as valuable as professionalism and experience. Drakos Travel is a pioneer in the field of destination management in Cyprus and, over the years, has proven itself as a most reliable organizer of fruitful conferences and incentives. From the planning stage to structuring and actual execution, perfection is our goal. Dedicated attention and superior services are our means to this end. And that, regardless of the size of group.


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Innovative Team-Building... Work Hard; Play Harder!

September 2005

Capture the Original Spirit of Cyprus at Kelokedara Village!!

A must see experience in Cyprus! Through the ages donkeys have been an important part of village life in Cyprus. In the old days, they were used to harvest and transport goods on difficult paths. Nowadays, these friendly animals live and reproduce in a natural surrounding in today?s ?Donkey Farm? located in a typical Cypriot village with less than 300 residents on the East side of the Xeros river.

By means of 4x4 self-drive Jeeps, teams navigate themselves, using their tailor-made road books, along an ?off-the-beaten track? to the Donkey Farm where other competitions such as archery, blind-art painting, or drawing can enhance the competitive spirit. The day?s highlight - donkey riding - takes you to the 13th century Sindi Monastery nestled at the far end of the Xeros river valley. The day ends with local delicacies such as Halloumi cheese, bread, olives, a homemade Cypriot meal and BBQ with traditional entertainment by the hospitable hosts and locals dancers and of course ample amounts of Zivania ? Yia mas!!

Day of Activities - Work Hard; Play Harder!!

An ideal venue for groups requesting a fun-filled day of activities in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere! The days? activities are organized at a Country Club. Activities include but not limited to: treasure hunt with buggies, sack races, tug of war, archery, darts, horse riding for beginners as well as for experienced riders, photo competitions and many more innovative and creative events to keep guests on the competitive edge! Refreshments, snacks and a live DJ are also available to keep the energy high!!

Giant Games!

Imagine a Jenga piece almost as tall as yourself????..or a giant Connect 4 game you can reach standing up???..in this team-building event the key word is ?GIANT?. Teams compete in various ?GIANT GAMES? such as: Giant Inflatable Soccer, Giant 3-D Puzzle, Giant Jenga and Giant Connect 4 for the ultimate ?GIANT WINNER?!! Refreshments, DJ, game managers and supervising uniformed staff remain throughout the event.

Build Your Own Car!

Remember Fred Flintstone and his ?Flintstone Mobile?? In this very creative and competitive team building activity, each group gets the chance to build their very own ?Flintstone Mobile?!! Each team is given an instruction manual, vehicle parts, and all the necessary tools to build their vehicle. After building the vehicles each team competes in a race in their newly built ?mobile? ? using their coordination and driving skills as a team to win the race. There are no back-seat drivers today!! Refreshments, DJ, game managers, supervising uniformed staff and stand by first aid medical assistance remain throughout the event.

Sailing Regatta!

Nowhere in the world is there a sailing area as rich in historic and cultural significance as the Mediterranean! Today one discovers the fascination of sailing on modern sailing yachts. First timers and advanced sailors, according to their know-how, receive a thorough briefing on handling the yachts, insuring a pleasant day experiencing wind, sea and sun. During the cruise, the crew actively participates in navigating, knotting, sailing and dropping anchor!! Team spirit through competition, fun learning and joy are the ingredients of the day.

Deep Sea Treasure Hunt!

Engulfed by the Mediterranean, experience a treasure hunt in the Deep Sea! In this action packed event groups compete against one another using the most natural element ? Mother Nature! The itinerary can be tailor-made to be as simple or as difficult as possible, including an array of clue hunting methods: boarding with the use of a dinghy, swimming or canoe, hoisting a team member up the mast to get a clue, diving under the yacht to collect a clue from the fin are a few examples. For the more adventurous a combination of land and sea elements can be organized for the ultimate goal ? discovering the hidden treasure!

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Donkey Farm

Day of activities

Giant Game - Jenga

Build your own car

Sailing Regatta

Deep Sea Treasure Hunt