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When it comes to destination management, research and creativity are as valuable as professionalism and experience. Drakos Travel is a pioneer in the field of destination management in Cyprus and, over the years, has proven itself as a most reliable organizer of fruitful conferences and incentives. From the planning stage to structuring and actual execution, perfection is our goal. Dedicated attention and superior services are our means to this end. And that, regardless of the size of group.


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Festival of Wines…

April 2006

Cyprus is not only known for its sandy beaches and its Mediterranean blue sea, but also for its diverse selection of wines and numerous wine producing villages.


The emergence of wine on the island dates back to 800 B.C. where the Greek poet Euripides wrote of the vast pilgrimages to Cyprus to taste the wine or “Cyprus Nama” as it was known then.  Cyprus is also well known for “Commandaria”, the famous sweet wine said to originate in the 11th century during the Crusade of Richard the Lionheart.


Today, Cyprus offers an abundance of wine selections producing red, white and rosé wines of all types.  The two main vine-growing regions are on the southern slopes of Troodos in the Lemesos district and the south-western coast in the Paphos district, where one can visit the wineries and enjoy wine tasting. 


So join us in a themed evening celebrating



Dionysos Ecstacy

Regress back in time…
Enter the world of knights and ladies at “Kolossi” and sample their medieval specialties. ..
Taste the famous “Commandaria” in the flowering fields of Kolossi Castle, the medieval fortress of the Knights Templar…
Enjoy the dances and the frolics of the jesters of the Middle Ages… 
Escape to their medieval village and dine to the tunes of violins and “Laoutos”… Watch out... you may get caught in the middle of a joust!



For further information, please address your requests to Mrs. Christina Drakos at cyprus@euromic.com


Grapes Drying


Wine Making

Medieval Costumes

Kolossi Castle