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When it comes to destination management, research and creativity are as valuable as professionalism and experience. Drakos Travel is a pioneer in the field of destination management in Cyprus and, over the years, has proven itself as a most reliable organizer of fruitful conferences and incentives. From the planning stage to structuring and actual execution, perfection is our goal. Dedicated attention and superior services are our means to this end. And that, regardless of the size of group.


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Theme Nights...

December 2006

Invitation from Aphrodite...!

An ancient Greek theme evening where guests will be treated as Gods invited by Aphrodite,-the Goddess of love and beauty-, who according to the legend was born in Cyprus. Adorned in ancient garments, delegates will party with the Greek deities, drink their nectar and partake of their ambrosia in an unforgettable symposium of love... Dancers will perform ancient Greek dances and a theme buffet with specialties of another era will be served. Aphrodite will offer a gift to each guest as a memento of her genuine hospitality.

Medieval Apocalypse

Regress back in time. Enter the world of knights and Crusaders at the Castle of Kolossi, which was built during the 13th Century by the Order of St.John of Jerusalem, and discover their medieval specialties. It is here that the full bodied port-type dessert wine ?Commandaria? the oldest named wine in the world is said to have originated, as Kolossi was part of the ?Grand Commanderie ?. Whole lambs and suckling pigs cooked on the spit will be served together with other casserole dishes from a gastronomic medieval buffet. Escape to the Middle Ages and dine to the tunes of violins and ?laoutos?. Watch out.... you might get caught in the middle of a joust!!

Pirates Theme Night

A swashbuckling extravaganza set by the beach of the chosen hotel. The hotel staff, dressed in pirate gear, will present you with a barbecue of enormous proportions, everything from whole roast suckling pigs to freshly caught fish grilled to perfection over the charcoal brazier. Wine, of course, served from the barrels, and as much as you like. Our talented DJ has a whole repertoire of sing-along songs, and, of course with a willing ear for your special requests. Special pirate dances and bonfires will alight your evening !!!

This event can be also organized, weather permitting, on board of the pirate boat ?Jolly Rogers?

Village Fiesta ?Paniyiri? at the square of Omodhos village

?Paniyiri? is the Greek word for a village feast. It is an event in which the whole village participates and enjoys thoroughly. Quite some time ago, when the roads and communications in rural Cyprus was not as good as they are today, The ?Paniyiri? was the only entertainment available to the villagers, who being farmers and hence having worked the soil for months, always look forward to these feasts.

The group will be driven through the wine producing villages of Limassol to the picturesque and traditional village of Omodhos. On arrival the group will be greeted by the Priest, the Mayor and other locals and they can exchange symbolic gifts. After visiting the old Monastery and the traditional ?Linos? wine pressing, a visit to the cellars of 3 traditional houses enables the guests to taste local specialties and wines.

Next it goes back to the square of the village where dinner will be served (outside catering from a professional supplier). Local wine will be offered in unlimited quantities while the friendly people of Omodhos will perform local dances and music.

The ?Panayiri? set up will include:

  • Cypriot bread baked in traditional oven
  • Loukoumades (honey balls) cooked on the spot
  • Kazanti - the gambling Cypriot Pin Ball....
  • Oporika - A stand with a wide variety of local nuts and dry fruits
  • Basket weaving
  • Weaving on a traditional Cypriot Loom
  • Cypriot Croshe
  • Kafenio - Traditional Cypriot coffee prepared to the liking of the guests (We can include a ?Fortune Teller? reading the coffee cups after guests have finished their coffee...!! ) and other surprises....!!!

Black& White Theme Evening

This is a formal Gala dinner taking place at the Carob Mill. White tablecloths and black naprons decorated with candles and flower posies will be placed on round tables to create a sophisticated atmosphere. An International Gourmet buffet is served while the guests can enjoy their dinner to the tunes of a dance band. Black & White dinner suites are compulsory! Black Top Hats will be offered to the gentlemen and lovely flower corsages to the ladies. A Cabaret show or a Black & White theme dance performance will be the highlight of the evening.

Location: The Exhibition Hall of the E.L.Cultural Center located in the historic city center of Limassol, just behind the Medieval Castle, 15/20 minutes drive from the hotel. In the old times, it used to be a real Carob Mill which has been transformed in our days into a cultural center with restaurants, exhibition area and museum. This unique cultural center in Cyprus has preserved its original atmosphere of an old stone built Carob Mill! The building has been fully refurbished and modernized as a multi-purpose venue, where the authentic atmosphere of the past, blends harmoniously with the sophisticated technology of the present in a unique set up.

Oriental Theme Evening

We will whisk you away on a magic carpet to the Sultan?s Palace: You are a guest of His Highness at a feast with gargantuan proportions. ? Siga...Siga? as we say in Cyprus - slowly slowly - because there are almost thirty different dishes, each with its own special flavor and spices of the Orient, a refined ? Mezze ? to delight the palate. This is not a quick meal, so you just sit back and enjoy... And for your pleasure, our exotic belly dancer will create her own special act...!!

Mediterranean Wet Night

Put on your swimming gear because this night is wet and wild!! Taking you into a tropical and humid paradise with an authentic buffet with Mediterranean and tropical dishes. Listen around you as you are put into the spirit with tropical bird sounds and torches.

Rock & Roll Party ? Stars on the Road !!

Elvis and Elton John present the greatest Rock & Roll party singing and performing through ?Suspicious Minds?, ?CC Rider?, ?Crocodile Rock?, ?I am still standing? and all your favorite tunes in a powerful show that is sure to have toes tapping, hands clapping and everyone on their feet singing along.


Invitation from Aphrodite

Medieval Apocalypse

Pirates Theme Night

Village fiesta ''Panayiri''

Black and White Theme Evening

Oriental Theme Evening

Rock & Roll party