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When it comes to destination management, research and creativity are as valuable as professionalism and experience. Drakos Travel is a pioneer in the field of destination management in Cyprus and, over the years, has proven itself as a most reliable organizer of fruitful conferences and incentives. From the planning stage to structuring and actual execution, perfection is our goal. Dedicated attention and superior services are our means to this end. And that, regardless of the size of group.


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Congratulations Drakos DMC Cyprus!!

February 2007

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Drakos DMC, one of the pioneers in the field of Destination Management, based in Cyprus and a member of numerous international professional associations like MPI, SITE, and one of the first members of EUROMIC (the leading partnership organization, bringing together the best DMC?s from all over the world) is celebrating its 25th anniversary !

This is quite an achievement in the fast moving world of Tourism, and can only be realized by outstanding and meticulous service throughout. Drakos DMC can definitely be set as an example to others in their field.

Their team of specialists offers you the benefits of their expertise, polished with an innovative spirit. Over the years, Drakos DMC has proven itself as a most reliable organizer. From the planning stage to structuring and actual execution, perfection has always been their goal. Superior services and dedicated attention are their means to this end.

Whether choosing a venue for your next conference or planning an incentive program to reward exceptional performance, \"strictly business\"\' or focused on \"full-time entertainment\", or a subtle combination of both. Either way, you want your visit to be a success and you need the best available partner to make it happen.

Since 1982, Drakos DMC is the most widely recognized Destination Management
Company in Cyprus, and member of the Drakos Group of Companies which was established in 1960.

The origins

Founded in 1960 by the late Michael Drakos, M.C. Drakos and Co Ltd was first involved in the export of fresh and dried fruits and the majority of local produce.

A man with a vision as he was, he directed the company into land dealing and developing as well as construction of brand new modern buildings and modern houses, suitable for the new generation\'s needs.

Later on, while Limassol was still only a merchant town with little activity in the field of Tourism, he was able to visualize the Cyprus of today and set up two new companies tailor-made to become hotel owners.

The need of a Tourism Division within the Group led Christina Drakos to introduce Drakos DMC not only as an unavoidable stepping stone into the Travel world of Cyprus, but also as a breakthrough for the new and exciting \"out of the ordinary ideas\" she developed as a young student of Economics and Tourism Management in France and later as a world traveler trained in the United States and Latin America.

Tomorrow and the days after

Drakos DMC is considered to be a pioneer in the field of specialized operations by many reputable companies and individuals in the Travel World today.

Christina Drakos says:
?The highly imaginative and full of substance ventures, performed always with perfection, made others follow our ideas and style of work. We were the first company to give life and form to Cyprus archaeological sites for the private usage of our guests, often encouraging them to participate both as actors and critics of our long and colorful civilization. Our deep and elaborate research has driven us to almost unknown villages where visitors were confronted with the true self of our tradition.

It is our ultimate hope and belief that we will always be in the driving seat of the Motivation and Conference Industry, setting up the standards for others to follow.
The Group\'s philosophy is to maintain a steady increase of both assets and volume of business through the enthusiasm and hard work of both management and staff?.

Creativity, Awareness, Understanding, Belief and Commitment are our principles.

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