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Drakos DMC

December 2011

As in the Ancient Greek Symposium, our meal times are a social gathering where we drink and eat together, converse and enjoy ourselves in a convivial atmosphere. Topics of conversation, from serious to jokes and gossip, are brought to life by music and dance. No meal is complete without a bit of showing off to enliven the evening. Apart from the traditional values that are passed on during our meal times, they especially provide much needed relief from our everyday constraints.
The unique geographical location of Cyprus has attracted exotic and richly flavored influences to the Cypriot cuisine and the best introduction is through the Mezze.

The Mezze is like the Ancient Symposium, it is a social event, a way of life. The more around the table the merrier… Opa!!

“Siga, siga…” (slowly, slowly…) is the only way to enjoy Cypriot Mezze!Start with a healthy appetite and take all steps in moderation to get to the grand finale.

The traditional Cypriot Mezze, which means “little delicacies”, may consist of as many as 30 small plates of savory dips and vegetables and a wide range of meat and fish dishes cooked in several different ways. In contrast to hors d'oeuvres, Mezze includes the main meal itself.

Some examples of  the variety offered: taramosalata, houmous, crushed olives,tzatziki,tahini dip, pickled green olives, loukanika, koupepia (dolmades), lountza, halloumi, souvlaki,, sheftalia, keftedes, afelia, moussaka, stiphado, oftokleftiko, fried zucchini, fried eggplant andvillage salad.

After dinner, fancy some cakes made with honey, such as kadeifi, baklava and galatopoureko or enjoy an offering of fresh seasonal fruits.

Do not forget the sweets! Cyprus Lokoumia or Cyprus Delights and sugar almonds are a must when visiting Cyprus. Cyprus is also popular for its soutjouko, palouzze and kefteria which are made in the wine regions from grape juice.

All cities in Cyprus have a wide selection of tavernas, some of which specialize in traditional mezze, while others offer a mix of fish and seafood mezze.

Selected restaurants offer “Nouvelle Mezze” or “Mezze with a Twist” for the gourmand. All take pride in using fresh produce which puts a mark on this healthy cuisine.

Can we invite you around the table?! “Kopiaste!” (Welcome!)

“Kali oreksi!” (Bon Appétit!)


For further information, please address your requests to Mrs. Christina Drakos at cyprus@euromic.com.

Cyprus Mezze

Cyprus Mezze

Cyprus Delights