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Cyprus takes over the Presidency...

March 2012

The Presidency of the Council of the European Union rotates among its member states every six months.During the second half of 2012 Cyprus will have the privilege of taking over this Presidency.

Despite the challenges that holding the Presidency presents, Cyprus aspires to rise to the expectations that the role entails ? to substantially assist in furthering EU ideals and enhance the profile of the EU internationally.

Cyprus is strongly committed to acting fairly and to ensuring outcomes that conform to the spirit of cooperation within which the EU was conceived.

For Cyprus, the assumption of the Presidency presents a unique and historic opportunity as well and confers on the Republic a major strategic role in respect of its geopolitical position.

The essential inspiration behind the Presidency by Cyprus lies in the creation of a better Europe in respect of peaceful national co-existence and cooperation and continuous improvement in the quality of life of its citizens.

Cyprus will be portrayed as a reliable, equal and responsible member state of the Union.

Simultaneously, Cyprus shall also be seen as the central hub between the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East in the spheres of politics, economy and tourism.

During the six months of the Presidency, Cypriot citizens will have the opportunity to come closer to the spirit of Europe while European citizens themselves will come to know Cyprus better.

This will present a unique opportunity to promote Cyprus in the wider European and international field of tourism.

European member states will come face-to-face with the history and culture of Cyprus that has played such a significant role in European civilization. This will reinforce the fact that, historically and culturally, Cyprus has always been a part of Europe.

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Cyprus EU Presidency