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Maxin PRAGUE s.r.o. is a full service destination & event management company. With experience in serving clients from around the globe since 1999 and thanks to a well deserved reputation our company nowadays belongs among the leading DMCs in Prague and the Czech Republic. Maxin PRAGUE provides our clients with professional customized services for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. We are a diverse team of experienced professionals dedicated to superior service and sharing the same values, passions and beliefs – attention to details, personal approach, in-depth knowledge of the local market, understanding of our clients’ needs, functional creativity, flexibility and efficiency. Maxin PRAGUE is a one-stop shop for tailor-made services and unique experience. For us the key to a successful organization means thorough analysis, creative ideas, the best supplier chain, seamless event logistics and excellent delivery.


Czech Republic - An Exciting Destination with Great Value!

November 2013

Czech Republic, a Great Value for Money

Due to its location in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic has been a crossroads of cultures and business throughout history. Thanks to that it is now home to many places of interest, including 12 UNESCO heritage sites, historic cities, spa towns, castles & chateaux, religious sites and natural parks. Over the past two decades the Czech Republic has come a long way. The country’s regions and above all, Prague, its capital, have developed a high quality infrastructure for all segments of the tourism industry. The destination is easily accessible from all major European hubs and offers a large variety of hotels, from modern design and cozy boutiques to large business hotels. And last but not least, the Czech Republic is a safe destination which in the past has hosted such prestigious events as the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund & the World Bank Group and the NATO Summit.


Prague, a Vibrant City of Hundred Spires

Prague is a magicalcity of cobbled streets and a hundred spires, but, most importantly, it is a city that is always amazing, vibrant and original. It is a very compact city, easy to move around and work in. The historic city core belongs to the world heritage preserved by UNESCO and it is walkable from one end to the other within two hours. The history of Prague was written by the hands of many famous architects and artists and so the city offers a countless variety of unique offsite venues for meetings as well as for special social events. However, Prague is not just a city of historic beauties. It can get a very inspiring image during different seasons. Whether it be the world famous Prague Spring festival of classical music, the Prague International Marathon or the autumn SIGNAL festival which revives some of the most fascinating city sights with unique creations of audiovisual artists. Prague has also become a very popular destination for movie makers. Such films as Mission Impossible, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Casino Royale and the Illusionist were shot in Prague or the Czech Republic.

All these happenings bring continuous inspiration to the Maxin PRAGUE events production team. We simply love challenges and new ideas, therefore if you think that a private version of Prague PROMS should entertain your group during a welcome drink, that you need to build your client’s team through a movie making activity in the cozy streets of Prague Old Town or if you need to set a centuries old venue or the hotel façade in motion upon arrival of your guests by the technology of mapping, please talk to us. We would either “know how“ or we will make sure to find a way how to make things happen.


Maxin PRAGUE Case Study:
Travel by Orient Express within a Hotel Meeting Room

During a recent four-day incentive trip program of an Australian client, there were many challenges and a lot of room for our creativity. One of these was to introduce a luxury train journey to the next destination of the incentive trip. We needed to create a theme party where this journey was to be launched, in a hotel ballroom with a 2,75 m low ceiling. Any kind of projection or large format posters were therefore out of question. So we got an idea to produce almost life size replicas of the luxury train exterior and interior parts and install these to the side walls of the hotel ballroom. We collected period furniture and theme accessories from around the whole country, dressed hostesses in luxury train staff uniforms and when the event doors opened, the guests were stepping into a luxury train coupés at the sound of whistles. As the entire top management, dressed in engine drivers’ uniforms, distributed and stamped tickets for the journey from Prague to Munich, the illusion was just perfect.


Czech Republic & Prague:
Exciting Upcoming Events in Early 2014

1st January 2014
Those who decide to spend the New Year in Prague should not miss the traditional New Year’s fireworks which takes place on the evening of 1st January right over the Vltava River.

24th January 2014
Premier concert of one of the most popular contemporary singers, Canadian jazz singer Michael Buble takes place in Prague O2 arena.

2nd February 2014
Exclusive performance of the author of many famous film melodies Ennio Morricone who composed more than 500 film soundtracks and cooperated with world famous film directors such as Sergio Leone, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Bernardo Bertolucci, Roman Polanski, Warren Beatty, Pedro Almodóvar and Quentin Tarantino.

22nd March 2014
The Chinese National Circus comes back to Prague with a new acrobatic performance entitled “Shanghai Nights”. These Chinese acrobats will present a breathtaking show based on 2,000 year old art traditions.


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Czech Republic


SIGNAL Festival

SIGNAL Festival

Private Prague PROMS

Private Prague PROMS

Case Study Orient Express

Michael Buble

Chinese National Circus