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2015 Prague and Czech Republic Destination Video...

May 2015

For quite some time we have been missing the opportunity to show you how beautiful our part of the planet is. After all this time we have decided to produce this new presentation video.


Click here and take in our vision of the Czech Republic.


It took a movie team and months of editing to get all the “Details Create Excellence” in the movie to the shape we wanted to have them and today we are very proud we can bring the video to you. We take pride in showing you fairy-tale scenes from our beautiful country one usually discovers not until having lived here for years.

And if images were not quite enough for your entertainment, here are also the 12 top trivia facts about our country:

  1. We invented the sugar cube in 1843
  2. The Charles University is one of the oldest ones in the world, founded in 1348 and operating ever since
  3. Over 1% of our population works in tourism, it’s a big business here. 90% of the population reaches secondary education with at least some knowledge of English.
  4. The Czech Republic is one of the TOP 10 fastest internet countries worldwide
  5. We have one of the highest densities of UNESCO sites on the planet
  6. Duff (you know it from Simpson’s) and the original Budweiser are home here
  7. ŠKODA, one of the biggest car producers in Europe, is located in our country, founded 1895 it now has 120 years of history
  8. We have the most hospital beds per inhabitant in the EU
  9. Czechs are known for a very dark sense of humor, which had always been our primary weapon to fight with ruling strangers on our throne and even tragedies in our lives.
  10. Czechs you may have heard of: Vaclav Havel (President), Ema Destin (singer), Jaromir Jagr and Dominik Hasek (NHL), Otto Wichterle (contact lens), Sigmund Freud (psychology), Milos Forman (Oscar-winning Director), Oskar Schindler (entrepreneur), Martina Navratilova and Ivan Lendl (tennis), Bedrich Smetana and Antonin Dvorak (composers). Franz Kafka was also Czech, not German
  11. Czechs are the heaviest beer-drinkers in the world. Eight to ten half-liters is a fine measure for “normal lads” on Friday evening, averaging 160 liters per person per year (including children and all other non-drinkers).
  12. With the size of about 78,000 square kilometers (approx. 30,100 sq.m.) there are over 2,000 chateaux, castles, keeps and castle ruins in the Czech Republic, which brought up the name “Castle Capital of the World”. The Prague Castle Complex is the largest one in the world itself.

We’re looking forward to your personal visit!


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