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Maxin PRAGUE s.r.o. is a full service destination & event management company. With experience in serving clients from around the globe since 1999 and thanks to a well deserved reputation our company nowadays belongs among the leading DMCs in Prague and the Czech Republic. Maxin PRAGUE provides our clients with professional customized services for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. We are a diverse team of experienced professionals dedicated to superior service and sharing the same values, passions and beliefs ? attention to details, personal approach, in-depth knowledge of the local market, understanding of our clients? needs, functional creativity, flexibility and efficiency. Maxin PRAGUE is a one-stop shop for tailor-made services and unique experience. For us the key to a successful organization means thorough analysis, creative ideas, the best supplier chain, seamless event logistics and excellent delivery.


Case study: Improved quality of Maxin PRAGUE events through top-end smartphone technology attendee experience...

September 2015

Technology evolves faster than ever before in the events business. That is why we prepared this case study of the mobile app Maxin PRAGUE has developed for a 4,500 attendees congress. It is also important to mention that in general, any size and purpose of event can benefit from contemporary event technologies, such as this one. We hope this short story will give you more information on how you can make your attendees happier and your events even more successful.

This mobile application, unlike others we utilize for our events, was not built all-in-house. But even with one of the best mobile application producers in the world as a partner / supplier, it is never a finished product you just pick and take from the shelf, if the experience for your attendees aims to be flawless, complex and satisfying.

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