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“Mens sana in corpore sano”

December 2012

IAAF World Half Marathon Championship

On October 11th 2012, the International Association of Athletic Federations announced that Copenhagen will be the venue for the World Half Marathon Championship 2014 on March 29th 2014 – an event which will attract the world’s elite long distance runners.  However, this world championship will be one with a difference.

For the very first time, the IAAF has approved an event in which the qualified elite and unaffiliated amateurs and joggers can participate together.  There will be a maximum of 25,000 non-affiliated participants permitted, who will start a few seconds after the elite championship runners have departed.

Why not consider Copenhagen for an event – incentive or conference – in late March 2014 and provide your participants with an extra motivational experience – the possibility to participate in the World Half Marathon Championship.
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CSR and running

If late March 2014 cannot be on your calendar, Copenhagen is still a great place to run or jog – no nasty hills and plenty of open, green spaces. An event in which you sponsor your participants to run/jog to raise funds for a local charity of your choice is always a possibility – as well as being a healthy, fun activity and a refreshing break during a meeting or conference. For each kilometre the participants run, the sponsor would contribute an agreed amount per kilometre to the chosen charity – an event which would be good and healthy for all parties. First United would welcome the opportunity to organise your event.



A sound mind in a healthy body is not just about physical exercise and that is where Copenhagen’s hotels are always ready to help with facilities for restitution and intellectual motivation. Some of the latest good news concerns The Palace Hotel Copenhagen – a member of Summit Hotels and Resorts – which has recently completed a total renovation of the hotel’s fifth floor, which had been closed for a lengthy period of time. The newly opened facility is the perfect choice for small, VIP groups and delegations for which discretion and privacy are key details.

There are eight rooms on the fifth floor, including two suites and a tower room, access to a private, rooftop terrace, a VIP lounge and a private kitchen - in short, a facility tailored for the delegation with its own chef, for discreet meetings and intimate dinner parties.  Of course, the location has the added benefit of being right on Copenhagen’s City Hall Square with wonderful views towards Tivoli Gardens.

Contact First United for more information or visit the following site:

And more good news: the latest guest at Hotel d’Angleterre, the “grand dame” of Copenhagen’s hotels, checked out on May 31st 2011, after which the hotel closed for a complete overhaul and refurbishment  - a project that was initially scheduled to last one year. Unfortunately for Copenhagen, one year was optimistic but the good news now is that the hotel will reopen on May 1st, 2013 in a completely new form.

The wonderful facade will, to the untrained eye, be very much as the original but inside, the hotel will be very different – not least the capacity. The old hotel’s 123 room total has been reduced to 90 rooms, of which 60 are suites, all furnished with spacious bathrooms (with a first in Scandinavia – the installation of “washlet, self flush” toilets), individually controlled climate system and the latest technology. The new Royal Suite is a 250 square meter stunner – with a dining room for ten guests, a wonderful fireplace and a superlative balcony overlooking Kongens Nytorv.

Of course, the restaurant and bar facilities which include a new champagne bar, the meeting and private dining rooms and the spa have also received meticulous attention and comprehensive refurbishment - in short, a restoration which will lift the hotel into a category of its own amongst Copenhagen hotels.

And, obviously, no news from Denmark is complete without food – we believe it’s important for body and mind – so this is just to let you know that one of Copenhagen’s most enterprising chefs, Rasmus Oubæk, has just opened his third restaurant within the space of eighteen months – this time a laid back, trattoria style restaurant named Pluto to complement his steak bistro and his gourmet Restaurant Retour.

And in closing, according to the UN, Denmark tops the “Happiness and Wellbeing” list, which is based primarily on a number of social parameters. Certainly, we Danes have the framework in which to thrive in body and mind so why not allow First United to create an event in Copenhagen that will cater to the well-being of mind and body – and be a successful experience into the bargain.


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Copenhagen Marathon

The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel

Hotel d'Angleterre

Hotel d'Angleterre

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