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The Prospects, seen from Copenhagen…

August 2004

The Prospects, seen from Copenhagen…

If we listen to spokesmen for the Copenhagen hotel industry, 2004 will be a mediocre year for the tourist industry, be it within the leisure segment or the conference/corporate segment. One hotel director even said that 2004 was likely to be \"worse than the catastrophic 2003\". While First United does not expect 2004 to improve on 2003, we can in no way accept the word \"catastrophic\" as a description of 2003. In fact, 2003 was a very good year with some major corporate events and a couple of major congresses – and probably what Copenhagen is missing for 2004 is the effect of major congresses.

Prospects however are not to be seen in the rear view mirror and if 2004 is no more than mediocre, 2005 is likely to be a bonanza year for tourism in Copenhagen. With 5 major international congresses on the agenda for 2005, with anticipated attendances ranging from 4.500 to 12.000 delegates along with 4 other important congresses, each expecting an attendance ranging from 1500 up to 2000 delegates, Copenhagen\'s premier congress venue, the Bella Center will be the focal point for a great number of activities and pivotal for a large portion of city\'s tourism revenue in 2005. With prospects like these, it is difficult to imagine that even the hoteliers will be able to complain about 2005 - these events alone represent in excess of 140.000 room nights for Copenhagen.

First United certainly has high expectations 2005 – in addition to the above congresses, the city also hosts several major corporate events (some of them will be managed by First United). These corporate events will add significantly to the hotels\' occupancy statistics and improve even further the revenue generated for industry suppliers. First United\'s share in these activities is, however, an eye opener: during 2005, one of the events for which we will be responsible is a major event for an automotive client. This client on his own will accountable for some 15.000 bed nights, divided between two hotels over a period of three and a half weeks, and thus will providing the city with an invaluable marketing window thanks to the length of exposure.

That was Copenhagen on the big screen, however there are small developments that don\'t always make the headlines but which, one by one, add up an arrow to the DMC\'s quiver and new developments, increasing the selection of activities available. The most recent addition in Copenhagen is the possibility to go ocean rafting. Ocean rafting is an activity for speed freaks – an exhilarating, high-speed water activity that takes place on the Oresund at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour (50 knots) that really sets adrenalin pumping. Participants are equipped with thermal float suits, inflatable life vests and are seated in so-called \"jockey consoles\" with safety harnesses, good for comfort and support. Ocean rafting requires a normal standard of fitness and health but is not recommended for persons with muscular injuries, back/neck injuries or weak backs (or who have suffered this type of injury).

Another development that has passed almost unnoticed has been in the Copenhagen world of haute cuisine. Just three years ago, the city could boast only 4 restaurants that warranted one or more stars in the Michelin Red Guide. Now, that number has been more than doubled with nine restaurants that have obtained access (!!) to the most recent edition of the guide. Yet another development that provides the DMC with even more options to present to the client. To these nine can be added a considerable number of good restaurants that are \"snapping at the heels\" of the chosen few, which are:
Ensemble, Era Ora. Formel B, Godt, Kommandanten, Kong Hans\' Kælder, Pierre André, Restaurationen, The Paul & TyvenKokkenHansKoneogHendesElsker.


9 to11 Annual International Congress of the International Flight Catering

2 to 7 15th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

19 to 22 21st Annual Conference of the European Society
for Human Reproduction and Embryology

21 to 24 12th European Congress on Biotechnology - ECB12

5 to 9 Sibos 2005 – International Congress of the Society for Worldwide
Interbank Financial Telecom
17 to 21 15th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society
22 to 28 World Design Congress 2005

15 to 20 13th United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW 2005)

4 to 7 European Congress of the European Society of Sexual Medicine 2005

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Ocean Raft

Ocean Raft