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Communicative Creativity in Copenhagen

May 2006

The Arken Museum of Modern Art, situated 20 km southwest of Copenhagen, is one of the most impressive public buildings in Denmark. The concept of the architect, Søren Robert Lund, who designed the museum in 1996 reflects a truly creative train of thought – to design a building that appears to have ‘sailed’ onto the coastal sand dunes. Hence the name of the museum, \"Arken,\" the Danish word for \"The Ark.\" The building is concentrated around an imposing main room, the 150-metre long ‘Axis of Art’. The Axis and galleries comprise the eye-catching setting for the museum’s exhibitions of Danish, Scandinavian, and international modern art, most of which emphasize contemporary art forms such as photography, installations and video art – but the more traditional forms of painting and sculpture are also represented in the collection.

In this truly inspirational environment, we can organize a uniquely creative team building event: imagine your group in protective \"astronaut\" suits, holding brush and paint in their hands, facing a huge canvas on the floor in front of them. A professional art teacher will provide an objective (based on whatever relevant theme the client may request) and some advice on basic colour and brush techniques. Then it is only a matter of imagination, and fun! By the way – talking will not be allowed – communication must be accomplished with gestures only – just one of the parameters that will reveal creativity. It is always astonishing to experience group dynamics unfold and see how the participants discover hitherto unknown talents.

The object of the exercise is, of course, to bring out each person\'s special qualities and using these qualities to create a work of art that owes everything to the teams\' ability to communicate and cooperate creatively. Throughout the process, the art teacher will support the group and help them create their painting.

For more information and/or to integrate this activity into a program, please contact Mr. Flemming Madsen at
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