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June 2007

Copenhagen is one of the world\'s smaller capital cities, with a population of less than 600.000 inhabitants and only just over a million inhabitants within the Greater Copenhagen catchments’ area.

In spite of its modest size, the city boasts some of the best dining in Europe with no less than 7 restaurants, that have been judged good enough to deserve the accolade of a star in the Guide Michelin 2007 and a further 2, that are on the verge of obtaining the prized award.

One of these restaurants, noma, is not just a star but more a \"shooting star\".  In 2006, less than 2 years after opening, the restaurant was awarded a star and this year, the number has been doubled. The annual assessment of the world\'s 100 best restaurants put noma at number 33 in 2006 and this year, the restaurant is the \"highest climber\", having jumped to 15th place on the list – a remarkable achievement.

In a small city such as Copenhagen, noma and the other stars are a constant inspiration for other eateries and the city abounds with restaurants, dining venues and caterers who create menus and serve culinary delicacies of the highest standard, whether for à la carte diners or for private parties in prestige venues such as the National Art Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst), Kronborg Castle, the Royal Shooting Club or the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

It is more than 60 years since Abraham Maslow published his \"A Theory of Human Motivation\", in which he propounded \"the hierarchy of human needs\" and his theory has formed the basis of motivational thinking ever since.  Food is one of the basic, physiological human needs. However, we at First United believe that dining at noma - or any other of Copenhagen\'s great restaurants and venues – where food has become an art form, will fulfill the guests’ needs for esteem and self-actualization, at the top of the hierarchy pyramid.

In short, cuisine created by Copenhagen\'s innovative chefs is an ideal ingredient for a motivational campaign and a perfect component in any reward.

First United looks forward to help you create rewarding programs for your clients, which will include terrific food as well as other top flight experiences.


The updated list of Copenhagen restaurants in the top echelon is:
Michelin Guide Stars

Restaurant noma (2*)
Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder (1*)
Era Ora (1*)
Restaurant Ensemble (1*)
Restaurant The Paul (1*)
Restaurant Formel B (1*)
Søllerød Kro (1*)
MR (1*)

The following Copenhagen restaurants have been adjudged to be \"Rising Stars\" (which means that, if present standards are maintained, the restaurant will be awarded a star – or an additional star – in the next classification):  
Restaurant Kiin Kiin
Restaurant Formel B (1)


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